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4 Months and Counting…

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Our 4 month visit to the doctor went well, besides the shots that is :) Imagine 3 nurses, 3 trays of shots and 3 screaming babies all squished in one tiny room, yep it’s always fun! The kids are still small for 4 months but are great sizes for their actual age, 2.5 months. More important, their growth curves are right were preemies should be:

Marcus – 13 lbs. 2 oz.

Jocelyn – 11 lbs. 11 oz.

Amelia – 10 lbs. 12 oz.

Marcus and Jocelyn are still struggling with reflux but we expect improvements in the next month or two. I expect they will also drop that darn midnight feeding soon..please, please, please! The past few nights we have successfully been letting the kids CIO (cry it out for all non-moms) through the midnight feed. We decided this was ok since they were barely eating anything when they woke up. It has been working great, they go back to sleep within 10-20 min. But, last night Marcus was very persistant. After 45 min. of crying, he fell back asleep for 30 min. before he woke up screaming again. We gave in and gave him the bottle and he ate a whopping 7 oz so obviously he was hungry. This sleep training is so confusing! They still all get up for the 3-4 AM feed very hungry. THERE WILL BE A TIME THEY SLEEP THROUGH THE NGHT, THERE WILL BE A TIME THEY SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT!

We just added rice cereal to their diet. It may be helping with Josie’s reflux (thank goodness!) As you can see, it is also really helping the kids sleep through the night ;) .

A few more pictures to share:

It is becoming obvious who the kids resemble:

We think Josie looks just like her Uncle Nick

Mia is a spitting image of Max

The verdict is still out on Marcus

I’ve started jogging with the kids in the evenings. I LOVE this stroller. So do the kids. They are all smiles as they take in the world around them (so much for napping on walks though). We do get much more attention since people can actually see the babies.

Finally, here is a video of the girls gabbing. Turn up the volume! As you can see, Mia is going to be our chatterbox.

My Favorite Things About Fall

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Coffee – Coffee always tastes the best on crisp fall mornings and I love to indulge in good coffee. Currently my favorites are Door County Harvest Blend and Starbucks pumpkin spice late.

Pumpkin – pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin pie, pumpkin scones, pumpkin bisque, did I say pumpkin pie?

Dark Denim – I know I don’t leave the house most days except for a walk. And even though my clothes usually end up caked in spit-up, I still wear my dark jeans! There is something that screams sexy about fitted dark denim in the fall. Even if I’m a stay-at-home mom with triplets, I still love how my dark jeans make me feel.

High heeled loafers – Once the temperature is in the 50′s, my open toed shoes get packed away. No more running to the store in flip-flops! I love the sound of my heels clicking across the grocery store floor, and I don’t feel quite as short.

Oranges and Browns – I love wearing these colors and being surrounded by them. They make me feel cozy.

My new favorite thing about fall….
Babies in Halloween outfits! I can’t wait till they can go trick-or-treating!

A few new things I’m not so fond of:

All the extra clothes the babies need to wear. Pants and socks are a must now. Plus, Mia is in the habit of constantly pulling up her shirt so she has to have a onsie on under her outfits. Then getting the babies ready to go on a walk is a 15-20 min. ordeal. We have to make sure they have socks on, which they usually have kicked off during the day. The only way to get their socks to stay on is to put shoes over them. Then, they all struggle as we get on their coats. Finally, you spend a good portion of the walk pulling up the little hats and/or hoodies that slip down and cover up their eyes. I’m starting to miss the hot onesie days of summer :)