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Around the House

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

This is the age where kids love to explore and climb and my babies are no exception.  Gymboree classes, library story-time and “kid zones” at the mall are perfect entertainment but the 1 adult to 3 crazies ratio is a little intimadating.  Therefore,  I have desperately been seeking fun and exciting things for the kids to do around the house.  They already have built-in playmates so with a little creativity, we can have a blast:

Our favorite toys are the most basic:  a sealed cup filled with coins (x3=lots of noise but so much fun), wooden spoons and empty formula cans:


The kids love to play in the toilet whenever they get a chance (that should have been in my dog post) so they have a blast with a simple tub of water outside:


We made our own playzone in the living room:



I set up a splash pool on the back porch.  It is the perfect depth for the kids to splash around safely.  The deck is completely fenced in so I can easily keep track of all 3 (I know these sprinkler pools are not very “green” but I only run the hose for 5-10 min. which is enough to fill the pool for a day or so).


All three kids can now climb stairs.  They love to race up before each nap and before bed (I feel my biceps and quads shrinking already).   Only Marcus understands to go down backwards so this is a highly supervised activity.


We have a new mother’s helper starting this summer so between her and grandma we will also get to do all the “traditional” activities like libraries, museums, parks, etc.   I have a feeling besides the added company, the kids will have just as much fun at home as out and about.

Truthful Triplet Tuesday

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

11 months ago I thought I gave birth to babies, not cling-ons.  For a few months life with triplets was almost, dare I say, easy.  The kids were cooperative, in great spirits, and downright funny.   However, someone must have slipped something in their formula the past few weeks b/c they have been very hard to please.  Their happiness limit seems to be 30 minutes.  In one second they will be completely high on life playing independently and mere seconds later, they will all be crawling over to me with tears streaming down their face .  The exception was this past weekend when we took them to the beach (I think the excitement and grandparents kept them appeased).   Here is what the majority of our days have been like lately:


Since they were all having a breakdown anyway, I lined them up for a beautiful photo-op.  Maybe it is teething or their runny noses.  If it is a stage (clingy monsters) I missed that chapter so please don’t tell me it is going to stick around.

Babies and dogs: Are they really that different?

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Over the past few weeks, I have had several instances of what feels like deja vu while raising my children.   After pondering about why something like seeing Mia eat dried up pasta off the floor seems so familiar, it comes to me.  Raising these children is eerily similar to raising a puppy.

We bought a “play-yard” to help keep our kids contained.  The offiicial title on Amazon was “play-yard/dog-pen”.

My dog used to go to “doggie daycare” one day a week but it was so darn expensive.  Hmmm, it was cheaper than baby daycare…I wonder….

The kids love to eat the food they dropped off the floor.  It must taste better.  They don’t clean-up quiet as well as a dog though.

“Puppy-proof”, “baby-proof”: what’s the difference?

I have cleaned up more baby spit-up than dog vomit; although it’s close.

We have to be careful the babies don’t chew on wires or pull out the doorstops.  When my dog was a puppy, he ate all the rubber tops off those darn doorstops…or was that Marcus?

Those “kid-zones” at the mall remind me an awful lot of “dog-parks”.  It may not be as good of a place to pick up chicks though.

Josie often crawls around with a dog toy in her mouth.

Crying it out (CIO) trained our children to sleep through the night.   This experience was very similar to the first few nights of crate-training our dog.

I have to remove sticks from my childrens’ mouths whenever they are outdoors.  Usually I let the dog eat them…fine sometimes the kids do too.

I hear we have to potty-train our kids eventually.  I don’t imagine we’ll use a crate for this but you never know…

We have to hide the remote control from the children.  My dog ate at least one remote in his life.

My children LOVE balls that are textured and squeak.  Mia often chases them around the house.  HELO…dogs play catch!

The kids got a hold of the toilet paper roll the other day.  Toilet paper was everywhere!  Yep, this had happened before.

I just might end up keeping my children on a leash one day.  You may laugh but you would use a leash for each of your dogs!

And of course, the most striking similiarity:

My children came in a litter, we just decided to keep all 3 of them.

Disclaimer: I am not comparing my children to dogs (fine I am) and I would never treat them as such.   “Uggg…everyone calm down; Marcus, sit”!


Truthful Triplet Tuesday

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Baths have metamorphosed in a big way over the past month. What used to be such a calm and pleasant experience is now dangerous chaos. It started when Mia climbed out of her bath ring. It got worse when Marcus took a face-dive out of the tub and onto the tile floor. We lost all control when I ended up having to climb in the tub with the kids in my clothes in order to prevent complete mayhem.


We now bathe the kids in our deep master bathroom tub. As of now, they cannot escape. This does not prevent chaos but helps eliminate some of the danger. The kids still try to climb the side of the tub but end up sliding down; they must think this is fun since they do it over and over again. Mia often ends up face first in the water at least 5x each bath; the positive is she has learned to hold her breath and will probably be swimming at a young age.  Our life is so not normal.

We are growing up fast

Monday, May 18th, 2009

My babies are growing up fast.  As we approach toddlerhood, the kid are doing something new everyday.

Marcus seems to be growing up the fastest.  He stands up by himself, has taken a step or two on his own and drinks at least one bottle a day out of a straw cup.   He has 5 teeth. Marcus is just as charming and easy-going as ever.

Josie has always been so strong and her grace continues as she gets older.   She can easily stand up by herself when she’s feeling brave but her cautious personality holds her back.  A few weeks ago I witnessed her go from sitting to standing without pulling up on anything but it scared her when she toppled and I have not seen her do it again.   Josie remains serious but her sweetness shines through every time she smiles or gives hugs.   She has 2 teeth but is cutting 2 more.

Mia is perfecting her wave…over and over again.  This girl may not be winning any races (she is very clumsy) but she’ll have the most perfect wave in the parade.  She is popular everywhere we go due to her charisma.  I have a feeling it is going to take her far in life.  She is still tiny but has no problem keeping up with her brother and sister as they cruise toys and furniture.  Mia has 6 teeth.

You’ve already witnessed the “fighting” that has begun (mostly between Marcus and Mia).  They are also starting to copy each other.  When one cries, the other fake cries.   When one dances, the others join in. Besides “mama” and “dada”, we have not heard many other words (I think Mia says “book”).  This morning I realized Marcus and Mia can climb stairs when I forgot to shut the gate.  Mia was halfway upstairs, Marcus was attempting to get back down the few stairs he climbed and Josie was fearfully watching it all play out.  Here is a video that I think sums up the kids personalities (if it plays for you…it may be too big):

Meet The Trio from Karla Gravitt on Vimeo.

Getting Along

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

They say around 10 months babies start interacting.  I think the triplets started WAY earlier than that.  But lately, things have been getting a little more “interesting” around the house:

On Being a Mom

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

I have a confession, I have not always wanted to be a mom.  There was a span of my life that I did not think I wanted children.   I never was a huge fan of babies .  They always seemed like a lot of tedious work and I thought having children would rob me of my freedom and independence.

I didn’t despise kids, hardly!  In fact, I coached a summer swim-team for several years and intended to teach middle school at one point.  I even worked as an assistant director at a daycare center for a year after I graduated college.   While working at the daycare center, I would have moments of rocking an infant, or tickling an 11 month old, or reading to a 2 year old where I felt a longing for children I had never experienced before.  I became wishy-washy about having kids.  Then, in my late twenties something “clicked”.   I started to want a “family”.  The idea of children became something bigger than longing to rock a child to sleep or read a bedtime story.  It became an understanding there was more to Max and I’s life than our individual hobbies and passions.  I wanted us to attend our children’s soccer games, talent shows, and watch them graduate.  I wanted us to share in the excitement and happiness of our daughter’s wedding day and welcome their families “home” on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I suddenly realized I longed for something more in life than work, travel and pets.

There are definitely times I feel these busy babies have robbed me of my freedom and independence.  I don’t see any more trips to Rome or Paris in Max and I ‘s immediate future.  I desperately miss my job.  And I was right, babies are  A TON of tedious work.  But, they are also so much more fun than I could have imagined.  Max and I are in hysterics  at least once a day watching silly baby behavior like Mia waving frantically at a snake at the zoo or Marcus “running” to keep up with his push toy.  And of course I love them to death and thoroughly enjoy watching them learn new things and explore their world.  Even bigger than that, parenthood is more complex and rewarding than I ever imagined.  It is sort of like a trip to a coffee shop.  You know you can count on the  latte.  The simplicity of the milk, coffee and a touch of froth mix together to make a simply delicious and delightful treat.  But, then when you try the mint chocolate mocha you realize there is something more rich and exciting; even more fulfilling in the coffee shop.  It may cost a little more, and result in a few more pounds over the years, but the deliciousness is worth the sacrifice.

Taking a trip to the zoo, going out to restaurants, and even going on a run is a little more “colorful” since the children arrived.  It reminds me of the first time I ran with my contacts.  The trees, sky, and creek were all more vibrant and sharper; life was more in focus.  I have had to make several personal sacrifices for my three babies over the past 1.5 years but it has been worth it.  I expect to make several more sacrifices over the course of my life but they will also be worth it.  There will be a time the kids sleep past 6 AM and don’t require a hug and kiss every time they take a tumble.  There will even be a time they can walk themselves to the car and don’t require being patted to sleep.  There will be a time I can think straight again and work!  I can even see trips to Ireland and Australia in Max and I’s future.  So in all honesty, having children will not rob me of all my freedom and independence.  Hardly!  Becoming a mom will only make my freedom and independence more fulfilling.

Being a mom rocks.  The new focus my children bring to my life make the forrest more colorful, the ocean more peaceful and people more beautiful.  Like getting contacts, I have no regrets about having children and will never look back!

Happy belated mother’s day to all you moms out there.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.


Truthful Triplet Tuesday

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

A diaper change that got out of hand.  It happens…often.img_2167

“He sure is a fatty” or “Our Trip to the Zoo”

Friday, May 8th, 2009


Today we took the kids to the North Carolina Zoo for the first time.   Let’s be honest, the kids are 10 months old; the geese in the parking lot where the most exciting animals at the zoo to them.   They were more interested in watching all the big kids run around and trying to grab at the plants in the desert exhibit.  But, we all had a great time and enjoyed the walk and beautiful weather.  I especially enjoyed listening to some of the kids commentary at the exhibits.  At the otter exhibit we heard “He might be dead” regarding the sleeping otter.  At the gorilla exhibit, a little boy took a peak at the silverback and said “He sure is a fatty”.  Good thing he wasn’t competing for the “top dog” position in that tribe :)

The tran ride back to the car was definitely the hit of the day.  Josie was on my back at this point because she gets a little moody if she is in the stroller too long.  I wish we had gotten a shot of wide-eyed Marcus but he was too busy holding on for his life to look at the camera.



Truthful Triplet Tuesday

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Very simple.  My morning cup of coffee….at 5 PM