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Maybe He’s “Unconventional” but it Works

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Triplets have made me a tight-ass. I like to have a plan every morning, a routine we follow every day, and a goal for every endeavor. This makes life run smooth and helps us accomplish our goals while keeping things under control (well, whatever “control” a family of multiples allows). I know what is going to happen and when. But, as my dear husband demonstrated this morning, having too much control can sometimes sap the fun right out of life.

Yesterday a kink was thrown in our vacation. The triplet’s dearest uncle Nick had to have emergency surgery to remove his gallblader (surgery went fine, he is doing well). Grammy left this morning to be with Nick as he recovered from surgery but grammy, grandpa and Nick will be back Sunday. So today we made do without the best helper a daughter with triplets could ever hope for, her mom. Now there are plenty of days I handle the babies on my own but with the kids out of their element, a little off schedule and sick (nasty colds AGAIN…it has been about two weeks of wellness after all), I love to have grammy around as much as possible. But as I lost my cool today, daddy showed me how to bend the rules and just relax and be in the NOW.

It started when all the babies ended up in bed with their dad this AM rather than getting sun-screened on for our walk on the beach. I immediately felt uneasy “wait, if we procrastinate too long, we will never make it down to the beach and back in time for lunch and naps”. But, the kids were having a blast climbing off and on the bed, squealing and jumping on their papa. Who cared if Mia was diaperless and the other two had on half their swimsuits, everyone was having fun.

Then, when we finally started getting mobilized, the kids began to hug, cuddle, wrestle and kiss on each other. It was absolutely adorable but I didn’t realize just how cute they were being because I was too focused on our goal of getting out the door to relish the moment. My dear husband suggested I take a step back and stop focusing on where we were going but enjoy the present moment; we were on vacation after all. And, he was right. Again the kids were having a blast, daddy was having fun but I stood there worried and anxious. After taking a deep breath and settling in on the sofa to watch the sillies, I was reminded how precious and unique this triplet experience is.


Mia and Josie sharing a kiss

It happened again down at the beach. I had all three babies by the water and they had a meltdown. All three began clinging to me and crying. Mia had sand in her eyes, Josie just took a rare tumble and Marcus was scared of the water. I looked over at the family next to me and their little tot was happily crawling through the water, perfectly content with the world as his mom watched from a safe distance in her lounge-chair. Why were my 3 children so unhappy with life and why did they require so much from me? After a few minutes of chaos, daddy came down to the water to lend a hand. We all went back up the beach as I fumed. Daddy began making sandcastles with the bucket and the kids immediately stopped crying and intently watched. Within minutes the kids came out from their stupor and life was jolly again as they took turns knocking down the sandcastles.

After getting back from the beach, the kids were hungry, tired and full of sand. Meltdowns again. Daddy saved the day by jumping in the giant whirlpool tub with all three babies and silliness ensued. The tears disappeared and smiles spread across the babies faces. Although taking baths in the middle of the day was a little out of the ordinary, the kids were happy and clean!

Just the other day my sister and I were talking about how Daddy’s ways are a little unconventional but they work. I will never forget our beach trip last Spring. My sister and I went out shopping while the “big boys” watched the kids. We received a picture of Uncle Nick having a beer down at the pier bar with Mia strapped to his chest. Sure, we wouldn’t have chosen to walk down to the pier bar with five children under the age of 3 and have a drink as a way to pass time but the kids were all happy, everyone got fed, and they even almost all made it to bed on time.

The point is just like having desert for dinner, sleeping instead of going to work on an overcast day, and taking a bubble bath with three babies at 11 AM, daddy’s ways may be unconventional to some but they make life exciting. Who knows what the rest of the day may bring. I just may skip my run; have a margarita while the kids nap and pull the stick out from my ass.

Later this afternoon….I am enjoying the NOW


Uncle Matt, cousin Nathan, Mia, Marcus, Josie and I at the baby pool.

There are worse ways to spend a morning…

Friday, August 28th, 2009

I have always had early risers.  From the time my kids were a few months old up until a month or so ago, they would be up at 6 AM EVERY SINGLE MORNING.  These early mornings…EVERY SINGLE MORNING are something you don’t realize the full impact of before you have kids.  There is never a “I’m on vacation, let’s sleep in” or “let’s have a lazy Sunday” or “last night I had a little too much fun, let’s sleep later tomorrow” in young children’s lives.  They cannot wait to get up and go EVERY SINGLE MORNING.  We even went through a spell where Josie would get up at 5:30 AM, or earlier.   We recently dropped our kids down to one nap/day and they initially slept in a little later, till 7 AM!  That lasted a few weeks and now they are back up by 6:30.  And, if by chance one child happened to sleep a little later, it is a guarantee another other will be up at the crack of dawn.

Now, I’m more of an early bird myself.  As long as I can get to bed by 10 PM, I don’t really mind a 6 AM wake-up.   Plus, my kids go to bed early, almost always by 7:30 PM.   BUT, it would be nice if from time to time my kids would suprise me by sleeping untill…I don’t know, 7:30.   After a long day at the pool and beach and a puny nap, Marcus was up at 5:45 this morning.   And when Marcus wakes up, there is no going back to sleep for this boy. Whereas my girls chit-chat and play with their stuffed animals when they wake up, Marcus likes to announce his waking loud and clear by screaming and whailing until someone gets him.  It is a lovely way to be woken up every morning.

So this morning, we made the best of the early wake-up by eating our breakfast on the patio watching the sunrise.   If  I have to get up with my child rather than leave him screaming and crying in his crib (because it doesn’t seem very nice and who can sleep through that racket anyway?), there are worse ways to spend a VERY early morning than watching the sunrise with a sweet little boy.


Despite the early wake-up, Marcus had a fantastic day.  We attempted to outlet shop with all 5 children (that was an experience) and then spent the evening at broadway again.  Although the girls tolerated a few rides, Marcus prooves to be our thrillseeker so far.  He has a blast on the spinning teacups and almost seemed bored with the mini pirate ship.


Marcus and cousin Charlie sharing a bumpy car ride.

Ouch, it was only a matter of time (guess who?)

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Today we had a great morning of more pool time.


Even after Mia took a nosedive into the side of the pool, she recovered and the fun continued.  Mia is our clumsy child.  if someone is going to get hurt, it will be her.


But, anyone that knows Mia knows a little (ok…this one was a “medium”) boo-boo isn’t going to stop her!  We had a blast down by the ocean in the afternoon.



I have another confession.  Way before we had kids we would sometimes come to the beach condo with my sister-in law’s family, 4 children (3 boys…this is important)  spaced reasonably apart.  I would often often hide out in the bedroom in order to avoid the apparent chaos.  I even joked to Max about what great birth control visits with her family were.  Sorry Jes but NOW I know exactly what chaos is.    It is 5 hungry children age 3 and under waiting “patiently” for their dinner in a small indoor space after a few hours in the hot sun.  Jess, it rivals any craziness I’ve seen your kids attempt (ok…it beats it!).  Anyone debating on having [more] children?  Come to our place around 5:45 PM and your mind will be made up.

Daddy arrived around dinnertime and brought presents!  We are already gearing up for the upcoming football and more importantly, basketball season.


Truthful Triplet Tuesday – VACATION!

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Day two of vacation was jammed pack with fun!  One of the reasons I love taking the kids new places is because it offers easy entertainment.  For example, we all got to drink our coffee and read books on the balcony while the kids repeatedly practiced walking in and out over the doorway this morning.


Around 9 AM,  when the whining started, we took a walk on the beach to Tracey and Matt’s condo.  Here are all the cousins together:


Their place promises tons of fun with 5 pools, one of which is a baby pool the kids can safely walk around in.  They had a blast getting in and out…over and over again!



The kids took great afternoon naps (still LOVING the one long nap a day) and Marcus got a sweet haircut when he woke up:


We spent the evening at Broadway at the Beach.  We made it through a whole dinner at Margaritaville with very happy kids!  It was fabulous.  Here are grandpa and Mia on the merry go round.


The kids even had the energy to play at the playground after dinner:


Can life get any better?  YES!  Daddy comes tomorrow!

My Challenge…Blogging Every Day for 1.5 Weeks

Monday, August 24th, 2009

My in laws have a wonderful beachfront condo that we get to vacation at from time to time.   We were pleasantly surprised when last week they asked us if we wanted to use the condo for the end of Aug/beg. of Sept.  Sure it was last minute and involved some schedule adjustments but we love the beach and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity!  Although the hubby is not able to make it down for the whole trip, Grammy and Grandpa P. have graciously agreed to come along.  As an extra challenge, I am going to try to blog every day of the vacation (or maybe every other day).

So, yesterday we began to get the van prepared for another trip by FINALLY switching out Mia’s infant seat to her big girl seat and vacuuming up all the cheerios from the seats and floor.

Here is the van ready to be crammed with stuff.  Notice the kids new DVD players?  These represent yet another “eat my words” moment.  My thinking has changed from “my kids are not going to need DVD’s to zone them out on cartrips” to “I LOVE the van DVD players…they are truly a blessing from above!”


And of course, within minutes of depositing the old infant seat in the house, it becomes the coolest new push toy.


Me being the last minute kind-a gal I am, waited till this morning to do most of the packing.  Thank goodness Grammy P. arrived at the house early to help control the chaos.  After an uneventful 3 hour car ride, we arrived to the beach.  We headed straight to the local Super Wal-Mart to load up on groceries for the week.   Upon arriving, I stayed with the kids as they explored the new crib while Grammy unloaded the van.  Within minutes, Marcus had unplugged all the nightlights, tore down a blind (I am SO sorry Grandma…we will replace it) and climbed on top of the luggage rack.  Once the childproofing was complete (close all doors, plug up all outlets and secure dangerous cabinets) we all relaxed.

The kids don’t ever sleep great when they first arrive somewhere new so afternoon nap was a bust for Josie and a struggle for Marcus.  No big surprise that Mia is a piece of cake anywhere we go so she slept great.  After naps, we went down to the beach.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is now that the kids can walk on the beach.  They were highly entertained and I just kind-a stood there feeling a little dumbstruck…shouldn’t I be shaking sand out of a child’s mouth or rescuing them from drowning?  Nope, I guess that will be tomorrow.



As usual, we have no photos of the more eventful parts of the day (you know, when no one has free hands).  My sister and her husband also have a condo at the beach very near the in laws.  They are here with their boys and already today we shared good times…like when 5 children were in the “baby pool” that comfortably sits 2 or when all 5 children were throwing temper-tantrums prior to dinner.  But no worries, I’m sure we’ll capture some great moments like these   before the week is over.

Nothing but Pretty Pictures and Jolliness (is that a word?)

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

In stark contrast to the not so beautiful pics I posted of my kids last time, I have some awesome pics today.  August in NC is notorious for mid-90 degree weather and unending stickiness.  I am not complaining though because I LOVE IT!  However, it is not fun to workout in or play in during the day.  So, we have a new morning routine!  At 8 AM the kids are loaded up in my jogging stroller, I jog to a local playground so we can play and then we head back home before the heat really hits.


Oh my gosh, how handsome is this kid?


Everyone always gets a huge kick out of swinging.


Sand, it is messy but oh so fun.  And Mia finds it especially delicious.


I have been dreaming of the day I can take the kids to the park and they walk themselves up the equipment and slide down with no help.  It may sound simple but you have no idea how wonderful it is for a mom of multiples who only has two arms.


My peanut Mia is all grown up.  She walks and can now keep up with Marcus and Josie, she can slide down the slide backwards all by herself and is finally learning to go down the stairs without nosediving.

I am trying out one nap/day (the kids that is, I still take two…kidding!).  This is Day 3 and so far, so good.  The kids aren’t too grumpy in the AM and by 1 PM, they go right down for 2-3 hours (no crying, no screaming, no banging on the walls).  I know many people who’s children took two naps until closer to 18+ months but nap-time at our house was becoming torture and now it is back to awesomeness!  I love it!

Since today’s post is so jolly, here is a jolly pic of the hubby and I at a friend’s recent wedding.  This is from one of our recent weekend getaways (aka, the weekends that save our marriage, sanity and minds).


Enjoy the jolliness, I’m sure things will be back to normal before long!

Truthful Triplet Tuesday

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Sometimes moms of singletons slap me in the face (ok, not literally).  This morning I rushed out of the garage in the stroller as a last resort.  The kids would not nap, they were screaming in hysterics and the cleaners who had just arrived were probably ready to call social services.   My mood was not pretty and I must have been wearing one of my best bitch faces.  Then, this greets me on my trail:


I wish I could have taken a picture from the front but these gals may have thought I was a little weird (cause taking a picture of them from the back is totally normal).  They were probably in their early thirties, giggling, wearing make-up, and acting as though life were a breeze.  I imagine they would be down at the pool lounging on the steps and fixing their babies hats in about an hour.   I couldn’t help but be jealous and think  ”That should totally be me!”.  This is exactly why I don’t join any mom’s groups (unless all the participants have at least 2 kids under the age of 4).

I almost started to cry since this is a pictorial of what I dealt with all morning:



And this is how I felt:


Oh, and let me remind you what I look like strolling around the neighborhood:


So I’m ranting right?  Well, the byline of my blog is “musings from a triplet family” so hear me muse.

Truth be told, there are some major perks of having triplets which I will delve into in another post.   But today I really needed to remind myself of a few of the top reasons why triplets are better than having singletons (we triplet moms do this is a popular topic on our board):

1. Instant celebrity status – Do I ever get sick of hearing how awesome I am and what a saint I must be?  Not really.  It helps boost my moral when I really need it…like today.

2. In four years, I will be at the pool watching my children play together with a margarita in one hand, a magazine in the other telling my mom-friends how awesome life and children are.  In the meantime, their 5-year old will be begging them to play with them, their 2 year old will be climbing up the life guard stand and their infant will be crying and grabbing for their engorged drooping breasts.   At this point I will announce “Gosh, why doesn’t everyone have triplets, its fabulous!”

So take that.  Maybe I wasn’t smiling this morning but now I am!

Weekend in Halifax, VA

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

We haven’t been to Max’s home town, Halifax, VA since the kids were a mere 5 months old. Last visit the kids were barely rolling over and we didn’t leave the house.  This visit we were chasing the kids all over town.  We started the weekend off by visiting the Gravitt’s law office in downtown Halifax. We then headed to the country club pool for dinner and swimming with extended family. The kids even had their first putting lesson:


Nice game face Marcus!


That’s more like it!


Grandma Gravitt and Mia

Saturday we spent the day at the house.  The kids loved the trampoline!  Especially Josie. While Marcus and Mia were a little apprehensive at first, Josie was a different story.  She would run around the trampoline and try to bounce while Max, Great Grandma Gravitt and I spotted.  Practically since this child was born, her strength has astounded us.  I have no doubt she is going to excel at gymnastics!



Saturday night Max and I went out while the Grandparents put the babies to bed.  We had dinner and drinks at Berryhill,  a historic mansion built in 1726 which has since been turned into a  local resort/ spa.  The grounds and scenery are breathtaking.  Here is Max enjoying a glass of wine on the front porch:


We love taking the kids places and they seem to travel fairly well.  In fact, they did great this trip.  In a house that wasn’t void of all furniture, wires, plugs, and open outlets, the kid’s did a great job of staying out of trouble.   Overall, the weekend was definitely a success!

It’s That Easy

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Truthful Triplet Tuesday

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

My new reality:

Our trips to Target; thank goodness for big carts!  The cart says not for children under 2 but my kids do just fine all buckled in.


Our first bloody nose.  Marcus and Josie were having a blast wrestling until I saw blood on Marcus’s arm.  I had to search for the origon becuase Josie didn’t seem to be phased.


After the struggle of installing cabinet locks in the bathroom upstairs this weekend, this is what greeted me Monday morning.  I guess it is time for a new gameplan.


In other news, walking is now Marcus and Josie’s main mode of locomotion.  They are practicing direction turns, running, and jumping from high locotions (I think once they walk, they think they can do anything).  Mia has also taken a few steps by herself so she isn’t too far behind.

AND, this is a little late notice but our blog was featured on the Multiiples and More website last week.  Check us out by clicking here!