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Why I Don’t Read Parents Magazine and other updates

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

I usually don’t read any of the traditional parenting magazines.  First, I think they are a little too obsessed with parenting and can make parents too obsessed about details that don’t need to be explored in depth.  Truly, do we need a review of 10 different bibs?  And who in God’s name has time to read those magazines?  I do occasionally flip through a “multiples” publication which are a little more practical for parents juggling multiple children and multiple activities.  Rather than running across an article on taking your toddler to an art museum to nurture their inherent “artfullness”; a multiples magazine is more likely to feature an article on “how to keep your cool after your toddlers tear a piece of artwork off your local museum’s wall.”  You see, they tend to be a little more realistic, at least in my world.


The kids and I “doing art” for V-Day

However, I picked up a clearance toy at Target the other day and it came with a free magazine subscription to Parents.  So, I went ahead and filled out the card and dropped it in the mail.   My first issue arrived the other day and after browsing through it, I decided I’m not reading future issues.   Here is why:

In one of the “ask the experts” section a parent asked the question “My friend recently changed her poopy baby on my couch with no changing pad…I was horrified! What do I do?”  Umm…wow.  I don’t think I’ve used a changing pad with my kids since they were 3 months old.  That’s right folks, I throw them down on the floor and do the diaper switch on my bare carpet!  How disgusting! I wish I could say I’m such an expert that no poop has EVER touched my floor but that would be lying.  In fact, after bathing my kids the other night, Marcus pooped on the bare tile floor!  Why he didn’t grab the changing pad first is beyond me!


Then, another article talked about how hard it is becoming a parent for the first time.  A mother complained that although her infant was sleeping through the night, she still had to get up at 7:30 AM EVERY morning.  ”No more sleeping in, it was a devastating reality”.  WHAT!!!  You get to sleep in till 7:30 AM every morning?  I know many moms who would LOVE their children to sleep till 7:30 every morning.  Now if she was complaining about a 5:30 AM wake-up time I may be a little more sympathetic.  7:30 AM is no travesty, it’s HEAVEN!


Josie and her love of hoarding and stuffed animals

So after those few nauseous moments, I saw a reminder that the APA recommends waiting till the age of 2 before letting your child watch any TV.  The magazine immediately went into my trashcan and I turned on Blue’s Clues for my 1.5 year olds (who have been watching TV since 6 months old).


Marcus and Josie

So, how are my little bugger’s doing?  Fantastic overall.  I am noticing some changes since we hit 19 months.  There seems to be a shift happening.  Marcus is becoming really laid back with life while my girls are becoming a little bipolar.  They will be giggling and smiling from ear to ear one minute and then in tears the next.   It is not surprising to watch Mia struggle to fit a complicated puzzle piece in its spot and then proceed to become so frustrated she runs around the house screaming and throws herself down on the floor kicking.  Where she got her short fuse from is beyond me….really…


Mia being a charmer, typical

On the developmental front, the kids are amazing me.  Mia went to put  the toothbrushes back in the drawer the other day but she could only find two.  She shrugged her shoulders and asked “Jo-Jo’s?”  Sure enough, Josie’s Dora’s toothbrush was the one missing.  The girl’s vocabulary is exploding.  Car rides and meal times are now chants of several words being repeated over and over and over and over and over again.  Marcus still doesn’t have quite so much to say but he is talking more and more every day.  I am amazed how much the kids have grown up these past few months.


We haven’t had a lot going on recently besides our regular activities.  We go to Gymboree play and learn classes on Mon mornings, library time Tues AM and music class Friday AM.  Despite the cold weather, I still get out and run the kids to the park a few times a week.  They don’t seem to mind the cold as much as I do.

We recently had our good friends from Richmond visit with their adorable newborn, Liam.   The kids were great.  They warmed right up to Shannon and Topher and had a blast.  They were so good, they almost made me a fool, making my facebook complaints about my rough days seem like bold lies.  I assure you, the kids were on their best behavior that particular day!  I don’t think Mia threw one temper-tantrum.


Mia and Marcus checking out baby Liam.  Yes, he’s adorable but NO, I do not want another one!


Mia and Liam

Do Boys and Girls Play Different?

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

One of the really cool things about having triplets is seeing their individual “spirits” and “iniquity” develop.  At the same time, I notice similarities also developing.  Take a look at this video….

Disclaimer – I know the plastic packaging is “not a toy” and should be “kept away from small children” .  I was supervising.

Without a doubt, my girls seem to be a little more into “pretend” and “learning” play whereas my boy tends to be more into “rough” play and figuring out the mechanics of the world.  I know I touch on this boy versus girl topic often but it is compelling to me, perhaps because I didn’t believe there was a major difference prior to having kids (your kids are wild…sure, blame it on them being boys).   What does this mean?  Men are better at changing the lightbulbs and women are better at keeping the house tidy…maybe.   Honestly, it just makes me ponder on the impact of our evolutionary biology, our individual spirits, and our environment.

Alright, let’s be honest…I’m probably overthinking my son’s desire to repeatedly throw matchbox cars over the balcony.   Any other mixed gender multiples out there?  Do you notice any differences in play?