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I hope learning letters stays this cute…

Friday, March 19th, 2010

We are entering the whirlwind of spring and summer.  Max and I took another last minute weekend away to Charleston, SC last weekend before things get really busy.  Grammy and Grandpa watched the kids for us again.  I don’t say this enough but we are really lucky to have them around.   I’m never nervous leaving the kids because I know they are in the best of hands.  I cannot stress how wonderful and important it is to continue to have fun with just you and your spouse after children…especially after multiple children.  When we take these weekends away, I do miss my babies but I relish my freedom.  For example, I get to eat sitting down, I can workout whenever I want, and I can drink a cup of coffee without Sesame Street on in the background.  Most importantly, no one demands anything of me and that feels pretty spectacular.  So after a weekend of delicious food, beautiful scenery, relaxing drinks, running without strollers, and trip to the spa; it is back to reality…sick kids included.

It is really astounding how often my kids are sick.  This past year their noses have been runny more days than not.  I think if I wasn’t self-employed, I’d have to leave my job.  You would think we have no hygiene whatsoever in this house…oh wait. Seriously, we do wash hands and we even use hand sanitizer from time to time.  Doc, you better be right, my kids better miss far fewer days in kindergarten than the average Joe!

Other than the hacking coughs and constant whining that come along with feeling crappy, the kids have been doing well.  We spend most of our days outdoors.  The kids love to inspect the yard for any new flowers that might pop up.  Since Max and I know nothing about plants, their seem to be fewer and fewer flowers to hunt down every year.  We do have several rose bushes that somehow continue to thrive and the kids love to point out the “thorns” that are “ouch”.  Marcus also loves to point out the same hole in the tree several times a day.  Silly kids.  My favorite phrases to hear right now are “oh no” and the very dramatic “wow”.   We heard a big “wow” the other day when Mia fell 6 ft. from the top of our swingset.  She was ok.

Here are a few a fun videos of the girls showing off the letters and the kids playing outside.

We’re going to attempt Spring pictures tomorrow.   Keep you eyes out for some sappy sweetness!

Thank you Spring, Your Just in Time

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

We love the outdoors!  We spend as much time outside as we can.  But, I’m a wimp when it comes to the cold so I don’t spend long periods of time out with the kids unless I’m running them in the jogging stroller or it’s above 50 degrees. But on beautiful weekends like this past weekend, we spend the majority of our time outside, park hopping and playing in the backyard.  The kids seem so happy outdoors.  There is very little fighting, very little whining, and very few demands.  Since fighting, whining, and demanding are a new common theme around our house, spring couldn’t have come at a better time!

This weekend we had a first, we took the kids hiking at a nearby lake.  Uncle Nick came with us and threw his kayak in the lake while we hiked.  Everyone had a fabulous time.  Mostly, the kids  just wanted to explore by checking out the trees, playing in the pine needles, and sitting on all the logs.  It was darling watching their fascination with the new environment and freedom to roam.  I’m sure this is just the first of many family hikes.


Marcus was fascinated with Uncle Nick’s boat


Josie opted to ride in the backpack for part of the hike


Everyone stuck pretty close at the beginning of the hike


It didn’t take long for everyone to start exploring on their own


Marcus finds a feather!


Josie claims a stump


And of course, we couldn’t miss the opportunity for triplet photo ops!


My New Role as Referee

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Something happened.  My kids have been infected.  I don’t think there’s a cure.  If there is, I think it is a few years away.

About a month ago I was complaining to Max that my days were boring.  I know, that sounds crazy.  I have triplets and work part time.  But honestly, the kids were angels.  They would sit and play independently for almost 20 min. at a time.  There were no fights to break up, no boo-boos to sooth, no demands.  I wanted something to do besides check facebook during these calm times.

Never again will I utter the word “boring” in reference to my life.   Within a few weeks of making that bold statement, my kids got infected.  The disease is marked by high pitched squealing and constant whining.  It is a result of having 1 rather than 3 of every single toy in this house.  The kids have been infected with the “mine” virus and it stinks!  I am now a referee to 20-month old triplets.  And supposedly, it only gets worse…

I used to silently beam as other triplet moms complained about their biting, fighting 1 year olds.  Mine don’t bite and they get along really well I thought.  Things have changed.  Take these two scenarios:

Two months ago:  Josie brings her kitty downstairs, like she does every morning.   After eating, Mia gets down from her seat, grabs Josie’s kitty and says “Jo-Jo’s!”  Josie gets down from her seat and reaches for kitty saying “kitty”.  Mia smiles big and hands kitty to Josie who proceeds to give kitty a huge hug.  Mia laughs, everyone is happy, my kids are darling!

This morning:  Josie brings kitty downstairs, like she does every morning.  After eating, Mia gets down from her seat, grabs Josie’s kitty saying “kitty”.  Josie gets down from her seat and reaches for kitty saying “kitty.”  Mia smiles big and bolts with kitty.  Josie begins to scream at the top of her lungs and bursts into tears.  Marcus begins to fake cry for attention and grabs Josie’s panda as Mia continues to run through the house yelling “kitty, kitty”.  I frantically search the playroom for “dog” and “bear” to exchange for Josie’s “kitty” and “panda”.  I calmly explain to Mia and Marcus that “kitty” and “panda” are Jo-Jo’s and sharing does not apply in this particular scenario.  Everyone bursts into tears.  My kids are a wreck.

If it isn’t stuffed animals, it’s a gaba-gaba character, or a book, or a puzzle.  And when it comes to food, forget about it!  Josie wants everyone’s cheese and Marcus wants everyone’s carrots…every meal.  Snacking is a constant “cracker, cracker, cracker” or “more, more, more”.

This sudden change in behavior is not a big surprise.  Many multiple moms rave about months 12-18 and warn about ages 18 months-3 years.   They even debate about whether the newborn stage or the terrible two’s is harder. I agree, things are getting a little “interesting” again.  However, the difference is the rewards that come along with the good times.  Newborns were cute when all was calm (aka, when they were sleeping).  Toddlers are darling, silly, loving, unique and just plain awesome most of the time.  They love playing outside, crafts, trips to the science museum and being goofy.  I’ll take being a referee over rocking any day!


Josie and Mia sharing giggles after a ride down the slide


Josie and kitty (as usual)




Marcus loves to wrestle.  Luckily his sisters are game!

There is a very safe .25 mile section of the trail leading from the park that I let the kids run free on before loading them back in the stroller to complete our run.  They sometimes stay together, sometimes not.  But, they never wander off the trail and are always within my line of sight.  They love to run, especially Mia.   Here she is, that tiny pink spec way out in front.


And here are her brother and sister, pulling in the rear.


As long as the good times don’t go away completely, I’ll suck it up and embrace my new role as a referee.  Since i have a few years until my kids turn 4, I’ve got plenty of time to learn the ropes.  Bring it on Amelia, Marcus, and Jocelyn, I can take it!