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Where have we been?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

It has been way too long since I’ve updated the blog.   Work has been picking up so Max and Grammy have been watching the kids more.  When I’m with the kids, I feel like we’ve been doing a lot of running around.  Oh, and my kids are approaching two which I guess means they need me ALL THE TIME!  The only reason I’m sitting down and writing at this moment is because the kids spent the night at Grammy’s last night.  So let’s talk about it…

“Things don’t necessarily get harder or easier with triplets, they are just different”.  Once again, the ladies from the triplet connection, my sanity forum, were correct.  Although, I think things got dramatically easier from around 12-18 months.  So much so that I went around telling people my life was probably easier than people who had 3 kids of different ages.  I’m eating my words!  The past few months have really picked up.  Things have gotten challenging again and lately I’ve once again found myself taking lots of deep breaths and counting to ten.  Mostly it is the fighting.  If I thought we had to have 3 of everything before, I was wrong.  Now we really do have to have 3 of everything.  And I’m talking 3 of the EXACT SAME everything because if Josie has the purple duck, noone else wants the blue duck.  Never again will I make the mistake of forgetting to run the dishwasher when we were short on our cups.  The day I pulled out the one “Go Diego Go” cup and handed it to Marcus was the day I threw that cup in the trash.  A travesty unfolded before me.  Did I mention the temper-tantrums?  Well, Mia can throw back some amazing ones and Josie is picking up on it.  ”No!  AHHH!  No!”

So yes, things have become a bit “different”.  But, there are so many positive changes too.  For example, Marcus is starting to finally talk.  When little words escape his mouth, it is darling.  When Mia walks around the house shrugging her shoulders and repeatedly asking “Jo-Jo?  Jo-Jo?” my heart melts.  And when Josie was laying in bed with us the other morning and repeated “dada’s girl” to Max, he almost started crying.  Another favorite of mine…thinking I could move my kids to toddler beds at the age of 21 months.  9 PM – The girls are both in Mia’s bed with every single book from the bookcase, jumping up and down.  10 PM – Mia and Josie are in the middle of the floor with every stuffed animal pulled down playing “kitty”.  10:30 PM – the girl’s cribs are reconstructed and they finally go to sleep.  Oh, and sweet Marcus on the other hand has taken to his toddler bed just fine.  In fact, you wouldn’t even know he is in a toddler bed since he stands up in bed every morning and calls “mama” as soon as he wakes up.  He could just get down from his bed, walk out of his room and walk into ours but he opts to stay in bed and call for his “mama” instead.   I could go on and on about the darlingness of this age.  Let’s just say people aren’t kidding when they talk about the rewards only getting better.   Truth is,  the whining and temper-tantrums are actually worth it.

So here are a few pictures to share from Easter.  We had lots of family come to visit and a small neighborhood egg hunt.  It was a fantastic day!

These two pictures are from “Pop-Pop”.  He caught my girl’s being movie stars.  I have to say, Mia has always had the movie star/diva potential.






Dada and his babies


Josie and cousin Nathan

Here are a few of our “staged” pictures that we took at a local garden before Easter