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Sporadic Blogger

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve become a sporadic blogger.  And I expect it will continue for quite some time.   Honestly, I simply don’t have the time to blog regularly anymore.  I miss it though so I’ll try to update at least a few times/month.

I’m working part-time now and LOVING IT!  I’m teaching some online certification classes, doing a touch of personal training and teaching fitness bootcamps several times/week.  It is fabulous, flexible and fun.  I have to say, working again has been amazing for me. I didn’t want to work when my kids were infants but now it just feels right.   I love my children and am proud of my family but I always wanted a career other than being a mom. I guess I’ve always been selfish like that.  Staying at home full time with my kids was the hardest thing I’ve ever done (besides being pregnant with them).  I think some people are cut out for it but I’ve found it a real struggle.  Grammy and Max watch the kids (the BEST mommy alternative by far)  while I work.  And now, coming home to them is the best thing ever.  It is tough to squeeze it all in and switch gears but I enjoy the bustle of life and I enjoy the time I have with them SO much more since I started working again.  Honestly, I would love to go back full time but paying for daycare with 3 kids…ouch!  So, to all you stay at home moms out there… kudos!  BIG KUDOS!  I have the utmost respect for you!

The kids are doing fantastic.  They spend a majority of their time at home fighting over very specific toys but when we are out and about, they are great.  Most days, we can knock out a shopping trip to Target without a big fuss.  I recently braved having lunch with a friend and her baby at the Science Museum all by myself with the three kids. Oh and I forgot the stroller that day.  They actually did really well on their backpack leashes despite a few odd looks.

Josie is starting to talk in 2-3 word sentences.  She like to tell me “Marcus babies no-no” when Marcus takes here stuffed animals or does something else he shouldn’t.   Mia and Marcus also have lots to say.  Things are pretty noisy around our house.  They are learning “please”, “thank-you” and their colors right now.  And of course our brainiac Mia recently learned to count to 5.  So cute!

We are super excited about the pool opening.  We already pulled out the splash pool from last year.  It is crazy comparing the pictures from last year to this year.  The kids still enjoy it.

Be sure to check back in another month.  Maybe I’ll come up with a good story or two for you!