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Capturing the Moments

Friday, June 25th, 2010

As my kids approach two, I let out a huge sigh.  The first two years with multiples are the hardest I hear.  So far, I whole-heartedly agree.  I know the terrible two’s and atrocious three’s are still to come but an era has obviously passed.  The dozens of bottles lined up on the counter are a distant memory.  Late night feedings seemed like eons ago and the oodles of attention we attract whenever we go anywhere is thankfully sizzling out.  In other words, life seems so much more normal now than it did this time last year.   I have the time and the mental stamina to really enjoy the present.  And lately, I’ve captured some beautiful “everyday” moments to share.

Max is working summer hours so he is able to take off some Friday afternoons.  We reserve these as our “family time” and either go the mall, our favorite Mexican restaurant, or stroll around downtown.  Here we are strolling at the mall.

The kids love the mall.  We often go before it opens during the week.


Stopping in at the local fire station


Spending time at Lake Crabtree for Father’s Day



Around the house…




Taking our strollers on a walk


I’ve Seen Heaven, it is Blue!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Last Saturday I sat in my bikini with a beer in one hand, my sunglasses on and my feet dangling in the water.  Besides the awful beer choice (I tried Budweiser’s Select 55 the future I’ll pass on the ice-cream and stick to my full calorie wheat beer), the evening was glorious.  Just me, the pool, my husband and…..THE KIDS!   I know, after my last post your probably surprised.  Well, there is one place on earth; although it feels like heaven to me, that I can actually kick my feet back and carry on a conversation with my kids around.  Thank you God for concrete holes in the ground!

I love the pool.  I always have.  Luckily, my kids are just as enchanted.  I hate to admit I moved to our current house because of the pool but it is true.  The baby pool is gated and spacious.  The “big” pool is massive for neighborhood pool standards, has a swim-team and is guarded.  The shallow end of the big pool has a step expanding the entire side of the pool, and entertains my children for hours.

As of now, I can take my kids to the pool by myself and they do great. They stay right by my side and do not wander the pool deck.  We go about 3-4x/week.   I believe in letting kids learn how the water works through experience.  The first few times to the pool, they went under several times and drank a good amount of water.  Now, they go under occasionally but usually are able to get themselves back up quickly.  I don’t use any sort of flotes b/c I want them to learn to swim appropriately.   I’m a swimmer and a former swim-coach so I’m saving tons of money and teaching my kids how to swim myself.  So far, Mia is really close.  Marcus and Josie aren’t too far behind.

Our trips to the pool keep my sane.  All hell can break lose at home but as soon as we pull up to the pool, all is right with the world.  The kids look so cute in their bathing suits, they are deceivingly angelic and we all have a blast for a few peaceful hours.  Plus, almost every time I go someone tells me how amazed they are with how well my kids listen.  The pool is so much cheaper than therapy, has less side effects than anti-depressants and works just as well!

Now, I know some people aren’t fond of drinking on playdates.  They’d probably be appaled to read this post…drinking, swimming and no life-jackets!!  I assure you, I’ve never had more than a beer or two, my kids are always within reach and if one goes under, the beer is sacrificed.  Luckily, the plastic cups float.

Here are a few pics from a recent trip.  I think these pics capture their personalities well.


Waiting on their kick-boards before I let them in.


Josie showing her usual sweet side.


Mia has a very colorful temperament.  You never know what you’ll get.


What a surprise, Marcus wants the toys his next door neighbor and cousin have!

Two posts in two weeks!  I must have free time on my hands!  Of course I don’t.  I do miss blogging though and am trying to get back into it.

A Different Sort-of Life

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

I think I started this blog post 5 times over the past few months.  Truth be told, I have been having a hard time keeping up with this blog lately.  And it’s not just a time issue, it is a life issue.  All the posts I wrote were overwhelming.  They talked about how crazy my life was with three toddlers and no matter how tame I tried to keep them, I ended up sounding like I was complaining about being a mom to triplets.   I couldn’t publish them.  Truth be told, I’ve been struggling through this toddler stage.  Truth be told, it is HARD work raising a single toddler, let alone three.  I know…I hear this ALL THE TIME from EVERYONE I run into.  Truth be told, they are all right, it is DAMN HARD but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I am so lucky to have been blessed with the angels that are my children yet sometimes I can’t help but wonder…

What would it be like to have only one child?  There are moments, like Mother’s Day, where all three of my children were clinging to me in desperation and just wouldn’t give me a moment to sit and eat, that I envied the mom at the table next to me, whose single toddler was sitting through a peaceful lunch.  The mom had the time to take in the precious moment and marvel at her creation.  I rarely have those moments, and I think I deserve them.

Sometimes I stop reading blog posts of some moms of singletons because I just can’t relate.  Yes, I’m sure it is frustrating when your toddler turns sour and has to cut your party short.  But, imagine three toddlers turning sour and having to cut the one conversation of the week you try to strike up with another mother and her toddler, completely off.  Forget parties, a simple conversation with a beginning and an end would be nice.

It is fabulous that I have help sometimes with my children.  But, sometimes I think it would be even more fabulous if I didn’t need it.  A nice vacation with just the hubby, me and our children is probably a few years away.  A trip to Europe, I can’t even fathom it although it sure would be glorious.

I know I’m lucky to have the family I do.  There are other mother’s out there who deserve trophies much larger than mine for struggling through the obstacles that come with special needs children or the pain of having loved and lost.

But, at the same time, I will admit defeat.  I am sometimes resentful that I was handed such a crazy/difficult “motherhood”.  Our family won’t be hopping on a plane to vacation in the Caribbean.  Simply spending the afternoon at the pool requires enough planning, prep and drama.

Perhaps I would find it boring to be a mom to singletons.  I was obviously meant to have these three children and most likely, if I didn’t have them all at once, Amelia might be an only child.

So sometimes I do resent other moms.  But, sometimes I also am exceedingly proud to be the mom I am.  I admittedly suppressed a chuckle today as I heard a group of mom’s whisper “OH MY GOD, she just told those ADORABLE triplets to sit on their bottoms and wait, and they did it.  Does anyone have a camera?  My one toddler would never listen to me like that.”  My children are amazing.  The diligent work I’ve put into maintaining order and a routine has payed off.  Overall my kids listen well and stay out of trouble.  But they are toddlers…and the whining and fighting x 3 is downright exhausting at times.

I definitely have a different sort-of life than many moms.  It is a common topic between  moms of high order multiples, sometimes we mourn the loss of a normal pregnancy and infant toddler mothering.  But, the rewards are also unlike anything a singleton mother will experience.  My children have an incredible bond that is obvious in their daily interaction.  They are also miracles that very few people are given a shot at.

As my children approach two, I don’t often wonder “where has the time gone” like many moms do.  The past two years have felt like two years…at least.  But truth be told, I am very happy to have had 3 children in one go.  My dream career is starting to blossom and I will be able to focus on it more and more over the years.  And, my children will not be toddlers forever.  Every stage will have its own challenges but from everything I’ve heard, being a “triplet” mom eventually turns into just being a mom in another few years.

Until then, I’m relishing the ups and trying to brush off the downs.  Being a mom is tough, but admittedly some of us have it tougher than others.  I think the key is taking the time to see the big picture.  And my big picture is pretty darn fabulous!