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I love the Terrible 2′s!

Friday, July 30th, 2010

This is a fun age.  Sure, it can be a little annoying to break up the kids fights but overall, I think life with triplets is getting better and better.  After 2 years of loading and unloading my 3 kids into their carseats (that’s 6 lifts in/out, 6 buckle wrestling matches and an aching back); my children can now climb in and out of their own seats, work out who’s going to sit where on their own, and can even start buckling themselves in.  I’ll exchange a dozen “no’s” for the new ease of running errands any day!  If climbing in and out of their carseats and kitchen boosters isn’t enough, get this.  Sometimes Marcus (the only triplet in a toddler bed) now gets up in the mornings, opens his bedroom door and will come downstairs and start playing all by himself….while I’m still sleeping!  Over the past few months I have not only been blessed with my children moving their wake-up time from 6AM to 7 AM but this new independence is astounding!  The other morning while I was teaching my 6 AM bootcamp, Marcus walked into our bedroom, saw that only daddy was in the bed and actually went back into his room, shut the door and climbed back into his bed.  Who is this child?


The most amazing happening to date…. yesterday I took the kids to the pool by myself (which I’ve been doing all summer) and I actually had the opportunity to lay-out on my beach blanket beside the baby pool while my children played with each other for 20 minutes!  Honestly, is this really my life?  The past two years have been so challenging and surreal that the normalcy of my current life is breathtaking.  Lately, my children have been angelic.  They play together, they are very loving, they sleep consistently and they listen.


A few people have asked about my disciplinary style.  Honestly, I don’t really have one yet.  I suppose I mimic the “style” used in daycare/preschool settings.  I give tons of positive feedback, try not to put them in situations where they could misbehave (they have very few things that are “off-limits” in the house and I rarely take them to places where children’s normal behavior could be seen as “bad”), and I RARELY use time-outs or “No’s”.  I mostly do TONS of redirecting and keep a pretty laid back demeanor.  Rather than saying “Marcus, do not hit Mia with that golf club”, I say “Ouch, that hurts Mia, let’s hit the balls with the golf clubs.”  Honestly, I think I was just blessed with really well-behaved toddlers, two of which are girls.  I would say my infants were REALLY difficult and this is my payback. They took forever to sleep through the night, were extremely fussy and needy.  They would never have just fallen asleep in their carseat or played by themselves on a blanket.  And I couldn’t take them anywhere…they would just cry the entire time.   Now, we stay pretty busy.  I usually take the kids on outings to the mall, the grocery store, gymnastic class, the museum, or the pool, every day.  Once the atrocious 3′s come around, I may be dealing with very different children so take everything I say with a grain of salt.  I however, am savoring my toddler triplets.  They are a blast!


Ok, maybe running through the fountains at the mall isn’t great behavior.  But, no one was around and it looked so fun!

Even though life has been much smoother lately, I still need a break!  Last week Max and I took a lovely vacation to Vegas with my sister and brother-in-law.  It was just the right amount of relaxation plus excitement!  Big thanks to the grandparents for watching the kids for us!  And, a HUGE thanks to the Gravitt’s for letting us stay at their awesome condo at the MGM signature.  I highly recommend this hotel!



Summer in all its Glory

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

I love summer.  I love the sweltering heat.  I love the feeling of walking from an over air-conditioned building or house to warmth and sunshine.  I love vacations, usually to the beach.  I love the pool.  I love not having to wrestle with socks and jackets.  I love the simplicity of walking out the door and getting the mail with no shoes.  I love sundresses.  I even love the thermostat battles with my husband; I’m comfortable at 80, he likes a chilly 70 (I know these things are programable but I  don’t have the energy to tackle the user manual).  This summer has been especially hot, leaving people longing for fall a month early.  Not me.  I enjoy the sauna!

This past week, I did something I never imagined possible last year.  But now that my kids are two,  life has become more manageable…at least for the time being.  After teaching my 6 AM bootcamp on Wednesday morning, I came home, packed for the beach, loaded the car and the kids and we set off for a whirlwind.  We met my sister and her family and the Grandparent Pietrons at the water park in Greensboro.  Josie was by far the most brave, eagerly flinging herself down the kiddie slides only to run back around the “on” ramp to repeat the adventure over and over again.  Marcus apprehensively gave the slides a shot while Mia decided to pass altogether, opting to float in the pools instead.  After about two hours, the kids were exhausted.  We dressed and got back into the car for a 3.5 hour drive to the beach. People think I’m brave for tackling long drives by myself with three 2-year-olds, but honestly, I find driving long distances relaxing.  The kids sleep for half the time and watch videos for the rest of the trip.  Meanwhile, I sit back and listento a book on tape.  It’s actually a pretty peaceful three hours.

GaGa and Pop-Pop Gravitt took all 4 of Max’s sister’s kids to the beach for  a week while Max’s sister and husband vacationed in the Caribbean.  How fabulous (and brave) is that?  To top off the craziness, the triplets and I crashed their party for a few days.  A few years ago, prior to the triplets, I would have found it slightly appalling to take a trip to the beach with 7 children age 10 and under.  But life make you grow; I’ve expanded my horizons.  Spending time with so many children was actually lots of fun.   All the kids had a blast at the beach and the bigger kids found the triplets entertaining.  Mia (big surprise being the social butterfly of the group) took to Alex and Rachel right away.  She happily became their little puppy for the weekend.


Rachel, Alex, Zach, Matthew and Mia


Josie, Marcus and I




Mia and Marcus



Indeed, we have had some fabulous family trips this spring and summer.  A trip to the mountains, three trips to the beach, a trip to the waterpark and we probably have a few more trips up our sleeves.  In fact, in a few weeks, Max and I are off to Vegas.  No kids!  I can taste that pina-calada already!

Pictures Tell a Story

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Like I said, I love pictures that capture real genuine moments.  It doesn’t get much better than this:






No words needed.  Have a happy 4th!




Happy 2nd Birthday!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Although the kids 2nd birthday wasn’t as momentous as their 1st, we still threw a small celebration with friends and family this past Sunday.  There is something really fantastic when multiples turn 2…it’s beyond words but the other multiple moms out there understand.  I have to admit, I’m counting my blessings.  There have been numerous “issues” I have not had to deal with but I’ve seen come through my multiples forum…none of my children have tried to escape their cribs, we have had no poop smeared on walls, they do not bite each other and besides the RSV with Josie, we haven’t had any emergency room trips.  I’m knocking really hard on wood right now!

Tuesday was the triplets 2 year check-up.  I must say, I’m pretty proud of my little guys.  Taking 3, 2-year olds to the doctor could have been complete choas but the kids did great eagerly waiting their turn for the doctor’s full attention.  My children and I absolutely adore our pediatrician.  My sister recommended him and I think he is fantastic (and it is not just because he is a huge UNC fan).  Truth be told, he doesn’t dote on the kids or spend time being silly with them.  But for some reason, my kids are completely at ease with him.  We also have the same stance on about everything, which is pretty laid back and mainstream (yes I vaccinate, my kids started on Motrin the day they turned 6 months old, I’m waiting to potty-train until my kids ask me, I don’t worry if my kids don’t eat enough veggies, etc.).  Anyway, here are their 2-year stats:

Jocelyn – 25.6 pounds (35%), 33 in (30%)

Amelia – 24 pounds (20%), 34 in (50%)

Marcus – 25.2 pounds (25%), 33 in (25%)

Amelia appears to take after the Gravitt side of the family in several ways, including her height. She just keeps getting taller… She also already has 3 of her 2-year molars!  Mia is almost done teething!  We have a few things to work on like cutting back on milk consumption with Josie (she drinks 30+ ounces a day) and potty-training at some point (not anytime soon though) but overall, we got an A+ visit.


On Tuesday afternoon, we took the kids to their first professional photo shoot.  I wasn’t impressed.  I’ve always been a huge fan of capturing the kids in their natural environment by taking them outside for photo sessions and letting them go.  When the kids were infants, a photographer came to the house which worked ok.  I just never have been a fan of the “posed” pictures.  And indeed, it was a very “artificial” experience.  While my kids ran through the studio, climbing on props and digging through bins of seashells, blocks and balls, we frantically chased them around and tried to get all three of them to stay still on the stark white set for long enough to snap a picture or two.  The only time we could get at least two of the three to glance up at the camera was when the photographer let out a loud yelp, which resembled a dying animal.  It was weird, chaotic and unnatural.   But, we did manage to get a few photos of the kids in one place.  I think in the future though, I’ll stick to the outdoor photo shoots.  Here are some pictures from their party and a few short videos.







Marcus attacks his cupcake:

Opening presents: