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3×2= Oodles of Trouble

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Three two-year old’s is something else.  Especially for a neat-freak like myself.  I do my best at keeping life clean and simple with toddler triplets.  I keep the majority of their toys on the closet shelf and only take down a few things at a time.  I clean up all their toys and put everything in the correct bins almost every night.  I de-clutter all day long.  Up to this point, our house has maintained order when the kids toys are put away.  We have had no pooped smeared on carpet, no coloring on walls, and very little destruction.  Things are a changing….


That is permanent black Sharpie on our gorgeous bamboo staircase.  Marcus was very proud to admit it was his work of art.  Luckily, most of the Sharpie was confined to the playroom.  The mirror and cubbies were also colored.  I can live with that.  The staircase hurts a little every time I walk by it.

The other day while painting, Josie began crying for no apparent reason and shouting “no Mia, NO!”    I look over at Mia and this is what I see:


Mia’s goth look freaked Josie and Marcus out.  I’m not that surprised Mia is going for the black lipstick at such a young age.  Since almost every day I hear her proudly announce she “sat in time-out today at school”.   Her teachers say she has been a tad defiant lately.  No…Mia….REALLY?  I have to admit, a plus of having triplet is the reassurance of knowing  it’s not your fault if your child is a little “colorful”.  After all, you have two others that are complete angels in the same classroom.  In fact, three of the boy’s in Josie’s class have told their parents they are going to marry Josie.  Isn’t polygamy one husband and several wives…let’s change things up!

Despite the craziness of life at home (I feel like I yell way too much but then I remember, I have three 2-year-olds), the kids are so freakin’ adorable.  We just got their school pictures back and they were amazing.  I can’t wait to pass them out.  The group shot is to-die-for!  We also just had family pictures taken for Christmas cards at the local playground.  Our photographer was great and I can’t wait to get the CD.  I think we got some awesome shots!

Here are a cute pics of the girls playing in the leaves the other day (yard work in the fall is extremely entertaining to the kids at this age).  This should be enough cuteness to tide everyone over until we get back the pics from our professional photo session.



And a pic of our handsome fella from a recent outdoor painting session.  Boy was that fun!


Happy Halloween

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

What a fun time of the year!  We had a Halloween Party at the Little Gym.  The kids liked decorating the paper pumpkins and playing on all the equipment but they weren’t huge fans of all the crazy costumes.  This seems to be a very finicky age.  We get lots of “I don’t like that”‘s.  Josie had an extremely traumatic moment while trick-or-treating.  One unfortunate lady answered the door only to tell us “we aren’t celebrating Halloween this year.”  Josie burst into uncontrollable tears.  Meanwhile, cousin Charlie spent about 10 minutes trying to get a sensible reason from the lady for the madness of not celebrating Halloween.   I think that will be the last time that household doesn’t give out candy.


We are going to Disney World in March so we decided to get costumes we could reuse for our trip.  The clothes were an Etsy purchase.  Very cute!


Everyone has a lot to say lately.  Car rides are non-stop conversations and singing.  The girls are getting pretty bossy, especially Josie.  They are always ordering Marcus around…better get use to it little man.  Josie pretends she’s a teacher often, reading books to the other two or leading games of hide and seek.  They all love to sing.  Mia and Josie’s favorite song is the “ABC’s”.  Marcus sometimes leaves out half the alphabet but he likes to sing along too.


Everyone is becoming very opinionated.  For example, Marcus can’t wear feet pajamas and has to pick out his clothes every morning.  Josie likes her food to be put on the table rather than a plate some days, some days she wants her syrup on the side of her pancakes, somedays it has to be on her pancakes.  Mia has to do everything herself from taking off her clothes, to picking out her food, to putting her toothbrush away.  It is funny but sometimes exhausting trying to figure out what everyone’s very particular needs are each moment.


Naps and bedtime are tricky.  Josie gave up naps officially about a month ago.  She plays quietly in the playroom or our bedroom and allows me to get my workouts in.  Marcus tried to give up naps but he was way too grouchy by 4:30.  Now I sometimes have to put him back to bed several times but he almost always ends up going to sleep.  Mia still loves her naps.  Meanwhile, bedtime is a 30-45 minute battle of switching beds, getting up, needing water, etc.  It is such a relief when everyone finally falls asleep each night!  Destructiveness is setting in also.  We had such good luck up to this point.  Marcus found a sharpie the other day and wrote all over the playroom furniture, mirror and our hardwood steps with permanent black ink.  Ouch.

Overall, the two’s are proving to be a very exhausting and challenging age.   Triplets almost became “no biggie” for a few months around age 2 but alas, things have taken a turn…again.  I’ve definitely realized nothing with triplets is predictable.  There are ebbs and flows, uphills and downhills, and lots of noise.  As soon as you think you’ve got things pinned down, the buggers surprise you!