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Welcoming Back Social Reality

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

The past 3 years are a blur.  During my pregnancy and bedrest, everything was in slow motion.  During my time in hospital/bedrest confinement, I caught up on social media.  You know, I watched every episode of every season of Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway, read all Oprah’s book club features and discovered the Twilight revolution.  Once the babies came, everything was in fast forward.  Social media went out the window….rather than trying to figure out who would win best album at the Grammy’s I was trying to remember what month it was.  I hear around 2008-2010 there was a very popular show called “the Hills” that kicked-off Heidi Montage’s career.  Today, I know Heidi Montage but I just made the connection she was from a widely popular MTV pseudo-reality show that aired a few years back.  Last year, I tried to watch the Grammy’s to get caught up on the popular pop music that seems to define the industry today.  I was completely lost 15 minutes in and fell asleep by minute 20.

I am proud to announce that I stayed up for almost all the Grammy’s the other night.  And…not only was I familiar with all the nominees; I knew who and approximately when everyone was going to perform and that Lady Ga-Ga’s “egg” was actually a “vessel”.   Yes people, after a few insane foggy years with triplet infants/toddlers I have re-entered the world of  ”social reality”.

In the midst of schedules, diapers, pumping every 3 hours and crying babies, I missed the Summer Olympics in 2008.  In the midst of cleaning up spilled milk, entertaining mobile toddlers and kicking off my business, I missed the Winter Olympics in 2010.  In fact, this morning I couldn’t even remember where or when the next Olympics would be (whether it was summer or winter).  I was happy to learn via google they will be in London next summer!  I plan on not only watching my favorite sports but also knowing who the athlete’s are.

To top off my re-entry into the social ”real world”, I am completely caught up with Dexter and True Blood, I am reading the second book in the Millenium trilogy, have updated my ipod with music from after 2007, and have started listening to my radio morning show again which keeps me updated on the important “Hollywood Gossip”.

Prior to becoming pregnant with triplets, I was training for a half marathon.  I would spend about 2 hours running on Saturdays and log a good 24-30+ miles over the course of a week.  I definitely don’t have as much time to run anymore but I am FINALLY running that half marathon, albeit 3 years later than originally intended, this coming weekend.

Whereas grabbing a cup of coffee at the Starbucks with no kids in tow felt like a weekend trip to the spa last year; now it just feels like relaxing at a coffee shop.  Whereas a weekend away from my children was an absolute necessity in order to maintain my sanity a year ago, today it is just a really nice opportunity to relax, drink wine and get lost in a good book.

The other day I decided to do something “crafty”.  I  not only had the time to think about how I would complete the project, I actually spontaneously decided to take my triplets to the craft store with me.  I somehow managed to keep them in check as we browsed the aisles picking out supplies for almost an hour.  To top off the deal, they helped me complete the project when we got home.

Basically, we have turned a pretty momentous corner at our house over the past few months.  Don’t get me wrong, my 2.5 year old triplets are still a valid excuse for my ditzy moments and temporary blocks of insanity, but I now know how Justin Bieber launched his career and when the new season of Survivor premiers.

The things with having triplets is my life literally “stopped” in many ways during the first two years of my children’s lives.  While a few of my friends with singletons had lapses in their days or missed reading a month of their US Weekly, their lives still continued on as normal for the most part.  Meanwhile, I sometimes feel I literally “lost” a year or two. It’s already 2011?  Wait…how old is your child?  I must admit,  it feels great to have my “foggy infant” years behind me.  Those days of being caught in my pajamas at 2 PM and being up all night with a crying infant are a distant memory.  And, I must admit I snicker a little as my friends struggle with the addition of another child to their lives.  I know it isn’t a huge accomplishment to know the New York Times Bestseller list or what’s happening in Egypt.  But after several years of being in some “alternate universe” it sure feels good to know why Glee is so darn popular!