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Cleaning out the Closets

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Keeping things clean and simple makes me happy.  Moving is a great excuse to do some major spring cleaning!  Here are a few triplet memories I just had to share:

~24 week ultrasound – can you make out three babies?


At this same ultrasound, the kids moved around so all three of their heads were touching.  It was an “awe” moment at the u/s.


In the meantime, here is the stack of insurance claims from my triplet pregnancy, my hospital stay, the birth, and the kids ~month in the NICU.


Finally, here is just ONE claim from this pile, albeit an expensive one.  Notice the pricetag?


Max headed to Park City, Utah yesterday morning; thus starts my few months as a single parent.  In a normal situation, this may be a little difficult with toddler triplets.  However, the kids will practically be living at Grammy’s house part-time while I transition new instructors to lead my business, pack up the house, and take care of some triplet wall art in an attempt to rent our house.  I will head out to Park City in a few weeks to see my future home for the 1st time.  Everyone says it is a gorgeous place and there is a ton of stuff to do with kids.  Right now, I have one priority and that is determining where we will live so I can figure out what preschool to get the kids into!  Hopefully we will figure that out in the next few weeks.

When it rains, it pours!

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Things have  been crazy around here lately.   We just got back from a whirlwind of a trip to Disney World,  5 Parks in 5 days and 2 days of travel both to and from Orlando.  Although the trip was utterly exhausting on so many levels, it was also a really fantastic experience! My entire family (my sister’s family of 5, my brother and his fiance, and my parents) all stayed in a lovely house about 5 min. from the parks.  Admittedly, I was a little nervous about the trip, I mean how well can taking 2.5 triplets to disney parks for 5 days in a row go?  Well, overall things went pretty smoothly.  If I was to do it over again, I would have allowed us 1 park-free day to recoup in the middle of our trip.  But by leaving the parks around 1  or 2 o’clock each day, the kids had  some down-time after each day of excitement.  Although naps went out the window during most of the vacation, the kids got right back to their regular schedule  once we were home and caught up on some much needed sleep.  Here are some of the vacation highlights:


- The characters.  Whether is was a princess or Mickey Mouse, the kids were absolutely enthralled by all the Disney characters walking about.  Although they were a little shy at first, all three of the kids were giving huge hugs by the end of the trip.

- Toy Story at Hollywood Studios – This ride was so much fun for both the kids and the adults.  Marcus was VERY serious about shooting the gun and the girls were squealing ”wee…” most of the ride.

- Sea World – my parents took the kids to Sea World while Max and I went to Universal and did the big kids rides.  This is the only day the kids lasted all day at the park.  My parents said the kids absolutely loved it.

-Lion King show at Animal Kingdom – AMAZING!  Didn’t even scare Josie, it was that enthralling yet tame.

-The Safari at Animal Kingdom – the engineers did an amazing job of keeping the animals in their natural environments but allowing them to be easily seen by the audience.  The trio spied all the animals, way more impressive than any zoo I’ve been to.

My favorites:

-Harry Potter World at Universal – wow!

- Everest roller coaster at Animal Kingdom – this was my favorite ride of the entire week…I liked it better than any of the crazy coasters at Universal.

- Epcot.  We actually had a ton of fun at Epcot.  As we travelled around the world, each country had a little spot for kids to color a character and get a stamp of the country.  The kids were so proud every time they earned a new stamp.  Mia could identify Germany, Canada, and France.  Many of the countries had small playgrounds or gardens the kids could run through.  Best yet, the adults could sample beer from each country as the kids earned their stamps.

-Tom Sawyer’s Island – the kids can run and explore.  My kids had a blast!


Overall, we easily got our money’s worth (especially since kids are free under 3).  Although they only enjoyed a few rides, the shows and entertainment were fabulous.  Watching the girl’s faces light up when they saw the princess dance at Cinderella’s castle was priceless.  Having Marcus demand his independence on every ride was hilarious, nobody else could spin the teacup or sit too close to him, he didn’t want anyone interfering with his full experience.


Some things I wouldn’t recommend

-The Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studios left my girl’s shaking the rest of the day.  Same with the 3-D Mickey Mouse music show in Neverland.  They were a little too loud and scary for two-year-olds.

- Waiting in line for the Dumbo ride.  The shortest wait was 30 min.  It got to be 1 hour at one point.  We skipped it.  I’m glad we did b/c Animal Kingdom had the exact same ride in Dinoland (except the elephants were dinos) and there was NEVER a wait.

Would I take triplet 2-year-olds to Disney again?  Sure, why not!


On another note, we are moving.  Max got offered a great job opportunity in Park City, Utah and we decided to accept it.  Truthfully, the kids are at the perfect age for a move like this.  Although it is a sudden and big move for us, we are very excited; albeit a little busy. More on this later…