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Where Have We Been?

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Honestly, where haven’t we been!  With our big move approaching, the blog has been neglected…again.  Truly, these past few months have been a complete whirlwind of packing, clearing house, making moving arrangements and TRAVEL.  At the beginning of April, I traveled to Park City to see our future home.  I’m so excited for the opportunity to live in such an outdoorsy active environment.  How I’m going to handle the cold is a mystery.  I’m scared.

At the end of April we were surprised with a last minute vacation.  4 days into Max’s new job, the company announced it was taking all its employees to Costa Rica for a vacation.  I kid you not!  Max came home for a few days around Easter and soon after, Max and I left for 5 jam-packed days of surfing, lounging, zip-lining, relaxing and a little bit of partying in gorgeous Costa Rica.  Yes, life is good!


Soon after getting back from our impromptu vacation, it was packing, packing and more packing.  In mid-May we did more traveling. I was feeling very adventurous and decided to take a car trip BY MYSELF with my triplet toddlers.  We went to visit my best friend from high school, Rosa, in Richmond, VA.  The three hour drive went surprisingly well.  I didn’t even have to make any pit-stops.  We had a blast with her two children, Aubrey and Jacob.  From there, the kids and I headed to DC to pick daddy up from the airport and then it was off to another party!  My college friends had a reunion…12+ adults and just as many children, all 4 or under.  It could have been a disaster.  Especially since my kids had been traveling for several days at this point (hello, meltdown city).  But, it was amazingly fantastic.  Perhaps I’ve got a warped opinion of “everything being in control” but honestly, it never felt chaotic, all the kids got along, and there were almost no fights (maybe all the martinis helped).   The craziest part, we all spent the night in one house!  The kids all went to bed, the parents all got to celebrate, it was fantastic!   What an amazing corner we’ve turned!  I can attend an overnight party with my triplets…imagine that.  The next day, we dropped daddy back off at the airport and geared up for a LONG drive back home.  Amazingly, we drove a whopping 5+ hours with no meltdowns, no emergency stops (except a break for lunch halfway), and no “events”.   I’m so proud of my little guys!




So now, we are living at Grammy’s house for a few short weeks before we fly out to join daddy at “the new house in the mountains”.   The other morning, I got to let out some moving stress when I completed my first sprint triathlon.  Although it was one more thing to squeeze into a very hectic month, I had such a blast!  I can’t wait for my next one. The kids are going to spend some good “grammy and grandpa time” at the beach while Max and I head to Vegas for a few days with our close friends.  Then, we all get back on Memorial Day and fly out for Utah a few days later.


I told you it has been a whirlwind!  Hopefully once we settle into our new home, I will have more time to blog.  I’m looking forward to life settling down and most of all, our family being together again!