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Hello snow attire..

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

I’m afraid I can think of nothing witty to talk about lately so I will simply post one funny picture and then update our progress on adapting to a real winter.


I assure you Josie is not taking a dump in the snow.  Although, I will not pretend I have never let my child pee outdoors (how do you think she perfected this squat?).  Rather, I think she is trying to pretend she isn’t bothered in the least by the 2 degree temperature on this very cold day.  I believe I was the one saying we had better head back inside before we all froze while Josie argued she was perfectly content with the temperature.  Yeah….

We recently moved from a warm and humid North Carolina climate to a cold and dry Utah mountain climate. We all had a a lot to learn about proper winter attire. I personally love warm winter sweaters and layers.  Who doesn’t love boots…I now own 5 whopping pairs!  I quickly learned the importance of technical clothes.  Now, throwing on the appropriate gear (coat, hat and my arm-warmers) before leaving the house is second nature.  But getting 3 preschoolers geared up and out the door on time is tricky.  We have figured out how to make it work.

Coats suck!   I dress them in sweaters or jackets for short trips to and from parking lots.  Coats are too bulky and interfere with my children’s ability to buckle themselves.  Not cool.  If we are going to spend a substantial amount of time outside, I throw their coats in the car.

Warm crocs rule!  The kids can put them on themselves and they keep their feet warm enough for short walks outside.

We have “snow” gloves and “walking” mittens.  Snow gloves take a little more time to put on so we pack them for outdoor play.  On walks, or trips to the playground, the kids put on their own “walking mittens”.

The expensive snow suits/bibs are worth it.  They aren’t bulky but keep the kids warm.  Bibs can be worn in the car and that way, boots can go on as well.  The really nice snowsuits are actually light-weight enough they don’t interfere with car seats. Otherwise, coats go on after we arrive at the snowground.


Once you figure out how to dress, the cold really isn’t that bad.  It sure hasn’t stopped my kids from enjoying time outside.  Mia and Marcus love to roll and roughplay down hills.  Although Mia isn’t much for adventures, she can be convinced to give most things a try.  Josie is cautious but will be the first one to try something as long as she has seen an adult do it.  She’s all about fun as long as it is safe.  Marcus is the thrill-seeker.   He wants to spin the most on the snow tubes, build the biggest jumps on the hills and get a running start to speed down the mountain.   Without a doubt, Josie appears to be our outdoorsy girl, being the last to come inside and the first to take off her shoes in the warm weather.  Mia can be a bit of a princess, preferring the clean indoors but surprising everyone with her wild ways from time to time.  Marcus took the longest to adapt to the weather.  I had my doubts he was going to make it through the winter after a grueling walk to the neighbors during our first snowfall.  Although he is still bothered by the bulk of winter gear, he definitely has begun to enjoy his time in the snow.





Truthfully, I have started to crave fat…butter and creamy soups.  Although my weight hasn’t changed, I think I may have put on a protective layer of fat to deal with the single digit temps.  Good thing it’s holiday cookie time, I hear January and February are even colder…

FYI, my friend Cara featured me on her Motherland blog on  Check it out! Love you Cara!