Truthful Triplet Tuesday

Ok, so the cheerios on the floor wasn’t so cute the second time. The third time it was annoying. I am getting cabinet locks today.

Today’s triplet Tuesday pic represents the ordeal of packing up the kids for rides. The infant seats were a blessing until the past few months, when my biceps couldn’t keep up with 25 + lbs. of baby and seat in each arm. We are in the process of picking out their next carseats, which will require carrying the children out one-by-one to the car and strapping them in. I don’t care what people say, I will be THRILLED when my children can walk!

We have a van…of course. We took out one of the bucket seats to make life a little easier. We have one seat in the remaining bucket seat and two seats in the back. There is no “alternate” car with extra carseats in our house. Our sporty Jetta (which represents our life pre-triplets) would never accomadate our children. It is the van or bust.

2 Responses to “Truthful Triplet Tuesday”

  1. stjado says:

    I am with you on the walking! I have 2 down and 1 more to go! It’s the boy left! btw…if you have an ergo, you can carry all three into places where strollers cannot go ;D One in the ergo…one on each hip :D !

    I am loving your updates. It’s like reading my mind!!!!

  2. Ipin says:

    Yes, so I went to the temple for a New Years Praying today.There is in the mouinatn so, I found many Icy ponds or icicles!!Today is sooooo freezing!!I’ll meditate at thit special number night with candlesâ™ȘLove, Shanti

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