Getting Out and About

We love to get out of the house. Now that the weather is warmer, we are getting more adventurous. Yes, it can be annoying as people gawk and swarm but honestly, I don’t mind so much anymore (I would gawk too if I didn’t see my triplets everyday). We have had some funny confrontations lately: while at the beach a lady came up to take a peek and said “I’ve never seen triplets up close before”. Then, while leaving campus the other day, the parking attendant saw the 3 carseats in the car and left the parking booth to peek in the windows while the cars behind us honked. She asked to get a closer look but I politely told her I needed to be on my way :)

Here are pics of some of our latest adventures:

A trip to a restaurant (we are doing this more and more):

Visiting friends on campus:

An Earth Day event in downtown Raleigh. We met up with our friends whose daughter is only a few days older then the trips. They had a blast searching for Cheerios in the grass:

Feeding the kids at a recent barbecue. This double stroller is small and convenient enough to take anywhere. I held Mia on my lap and handed out the kids food. We are pretty adventurous with food and pretty much let the kids try everything. They LOVED the hummus and barbecue chicken (even picky Josie). Yum Yum!

And yes, I have too many strollers! We have the triple jogger that I run with. A double and single snap n’ go’s, (which we are finally selling). A single jogger (we may use it), and a triple bus (I may part with this one too and just opt for the double and a backpack carrier). Who would have thought….

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