Nothing But Fun…and maybe a tantrum or two

In 3.5 weeks the kids start preschool.  I’m so excited!  They are only going two days/week for 3 hours but thoughts of grocery shopping, working and running errands without the constant “mommy, mommy” is thrilling.  I’m pretty certain they are going to transition easily into preschool.  They do great when we sporadically drop them off at the church nursery and their pretty independent as long as they have each other to return to.  Until then, we are enjoying our summer mornings together.  Between gymnastics, taking the kids running to the local park (I can’t believe I still do this but until  the kids start riding bikes or running themselves, I’ll be pushing the triplet semi), the pool and the museum, we stay pretty busy.  Here are a few pics of some of our recent adventures:


Splashing through puddles on a REALLY HOT morning walk quickly turned into something else entirely:



Fun at the park:



Our local bounce-house


A water break at home:


I’m working on catching one of Mia’s famous tantrums on video.  They are priceless.  This girl has a very strong and independent personality.  I personally find the tantrums pretty humorous and have to keep myself from laughing.  Usually I just let them play-out.  She moves on pretty quickly and I actually will take a tantrum over whining any day!

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  1. Cara says:

    Ditto on the tantrums over whining! I actually find Nora’s tantrums funny, too – they don’t actually bother me at all. I just ignore her. Ah, toddlers.

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