Happy Friday the 13th and other Triplet Behavior

I thought this video of Mia counting to 13 was appropriate today.  For some reason she always skips “one”.  I’m not surprised the ominous ”13″ is her stopping number these days.  Between this, her hitting the priest during her baptism, and repeatedly stabbing the angel in the nativity scene with a stick last Christmas, I’m thinking Mia may have a  defiant streak.

And here is a video of the kids dancing at the Children’s Museum

This is a really neat age to have multiples.  At 25 months, my kids are really starting to play together.  In fact, they don’t interact with other kids their age as much as they interact with each other.  They are constantly playing “choo-choo’s”, fish,  dancing together, and just hanging out in the same vicinity.  I am able to take them places like the Children’s museum and pool by myself because they don’t wander very far from each other.  They like to stick together.   They also are really into names right now so they call each other by their first and middle name “Josie Mary”, “Mia June” and “Marcus Max”.  It is darling.  As soon as one of the kids wakes up in the morning or after naps, they look for their siblings…”Marcus Max?”  They are very lovie right now so they usually hug/kiss each other as soon as they see each other in the mornings.  It is really adorable to see such a close bond between siblings and something I treasure as a mom to multiples.  Of course there is the other side…”Marcus’s turn”, “Mia’s turn”, “Josie’s turn” that reverberates through the house at increasing decibels when a fight is about to break out.  But, let’s not focus on that…..

2 Responses to “Happy Friday the 13th and other Triplet Behavior”

  1. Grammy says:

    Cannot open the first video, but I would love to see it.

  2. Tracey Perry says:

    I love the very southern “na-an” (nine) in the first video!

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