The Secret Weapon to Battle No-Nap Wonders

Since naps are sometimes a no-go at our house, I like to do everything in my power to ensure they take place.  Our awesome neighbors inherited a trampoline.  It is a great tool to use before naps and bed to ensure sleep.  I highly recommend one. (PS…turn the volume down.  I get a little excited when Mia accomplishes a summersualt and makes good use of that $400 gymnastics bill).

So far, no major damage has been done.  Maybe a few bumps on the noggin as the kids jump into each other but they’ve been butting heads since they were in the womb…

On another note, the kids went to preschool to meet their teachers on Friday morning.  We parents received a “survival” kit the night before during parent orientation with tissues and chocolate to help us with the transition.  I’ve already made use of both but not to dry my tears and console myself with my impeding small dose of freedom.  Rather,  the kids noses happened to be running before they went in to meet the teachers.  I would hate to get the reputation of spreading sickies so soon into our preschool experience so I made sure to get their noses nice and clean prior to entering the preschool.   Meanwhile, the chocolate came in handy to calm my nerves during one of Mia’s temper-tantrums on the way home from her first day.   I can always use tissues and chocolate!

Finally, we recently discovered an awesome park near our house.  It is the only park like it in the country.  Amazing play equipment, beautiful landscaping and several levels of fun.  They are using it to research future parks that bridge together nature and play for young children.  This dragon is the highlight of the park and my kids FAVORITE play equipment.


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  1. Carolyn says:


    I am going to start out with a blurb about how I am NOT a crazy stalker from WI that you should fear in any way shape or form. That being said, the fact that I am saying this may make my statement less believable.

    My name is Carolyn, and I too am a Mom of triplets (GGG 11 months). I stumbled upon your blog randomly. I look at a few multiples blogs and since everyone lists their favorite blogs, I often check those out too and that is how I found yours! I have enjoyed reading your blog and have laughed out loud numerous times. You seriously crack me up!!!

    Just thought I would let you know, your humor and writing is very mych enjoyed!

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