Happy Birthday and one Big Boo-Boo

The triplets are three.  This is an interesting age.  The volume has suddenly escalated, as has the fighting and the temper-tantrums.  If you have three children, one of them is bound to throw some killer punches.  Mia can throw some amazing tantrums complete with kicking, hitting and attitude.  Josie can also sport an attitude but Marcus remains drama-free for the most part.  Before we moved, we had a birthday party for the kids with family.  But on their actual birthday, we threw them a small private party at the house  to celebrate this glorious age.  Daddy came home for lunch and we opened presents from Aunt Jess and Ga-Ga and Pop-Pop.  Marcus did ask “where are all the kids?” but honestly, their best friends (each other) were there and they were perfectly content.




The weekend after their birthday, Ga-Ga and Pop-Pop came to visit.  It was an eventful jam packed weekend.  Max started the weekend with a mountain biking accident.  He broke his collarbone and cracked a few ribs.  After a trip to the ER, he ended up camped out on the couch for the rest of the weekend while we kept the kids busy.  They watched their first fireworks display, which was a success.  Marcus and Mia were very entertained while Josie hid her face in Ga-Ga’s chest the whole time.  After the grand finale she perked up to announce “I LOVED the fireworks!  Can we watch them again.”  We also watched the small 4th of July parade, and took a scenic trip up one of the ski-lifts.  In the summer, you can ride up the ski-lifts and hike around, bike , or take one of the slides, coasters, or ziplines back down the mountain.   The kids enjoyed their first ski-lift trip; although, I about lost it with all their wiggling.  I don’t know how we’re going to ski with them this winter…



Max had surgery this past Wednesday and is recovering nicely, complete with a metal plate and 7 screws in his shoulder.  He should be good as new in several weeks.  Until then, I’m trying to keep the kids busy and out of the house to allow daddy some peaceful recovery time.  I often attach them all to my bike and take them on rides to the different playgrounds in the area.


Some days I wonder how I’m surviving the summer without preschool.   Wine definitely helps ;)  Although I’m finding this age extremely daunting, it is also very amusing.  The kids play together all day.  Although this results in lots of arguments, it is also fascinating to watch their pretend games and their imaginations take off.  Josie tends to be the “teacher” of the group, always leading the games and making sure everyone is sharing and happy.  Mia brings the drama and excitement and Marcus just tries to keep up with it all.  I really wonder what parent’s of singleton 3-year-olds do.  How in the world do they entertain their children all day?  My kids rarely leave each other’s side and will act out intricate pretend scenarios with mommies and daddies, prince and princesses, dogs and cats, etc. for hours. They also make-up songs and sing them together.  It really is fascinating. The benefits of having multiples is definitely starting to pay off!

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday and one Big Boo-Boo”

  1. Connie says:

    AHEM! I couldn’t have said it better myself! This is a great age and it definitely pays to have more than one now :D :D !!!

  2. Cara says:

    Feel better Max!
    It actually is hard to have just one almost-three-year old around all day. Nora’s good at entertaining herself but often wants me to participate, so I ask her to “cook” me things in her kitchen, while I, admittedly, read a magazine. Also a lot of playdates. But I think wine is really the best way to go. You’ve got it.

  3. GaGa says:

    I don’t know that Josie saw any of the fireworks display. She did acknowledge after it was over that she”closed her eyes a little bit.” But she was definitely ready for more. And I thought she was so brave to watch “The Wizard of Oz” with her eyes open. She is brave on her bike, however. I loved Marcus dancing in the tutu. And Mia not slowing down except when her bladder is about to burst or when we can strap her in the bike carrier. What a heavenly visit. Thanks for a super trip.

  4. Ong says:

    Big help, big help. And suvalretipe news of course.

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