Organization has officially been thrown out the window

I like organization and I like to keep things clean and tidy.   It’s no surprise I loved having my infant triplets on a schedule.  With multiples, schedules and organization are they keys to survival…or so I thought.  I have done a great job on keeping my kids on a schedule but as they get older, I’m being thrown for a loop.  First it was naps.  For the most part, Josie dropped her nap entirely months ago.   The past few months, the kids have been staying up till 9 or so.   Delaying bed time became their passion in life.  Sometimes Marcus wouldn’t go to sleep until 10 PM.  So, I decided to try to drop their naps.   This went ok with Marcus but Mia obviously still needs a nap.   She totally loses it by 5 PM without one.  So now, I never know who is going to nap and when.




The kids and I at the zoo

Then came potty training.  The girls were a piece of cake.  Marcus is finally “trained” after several weeks of sometimes pooping in the potty and sometimes in his pants.  Accidents happen still but overall, everyone is doing great.  But potty-ing is hardly a scheduled thing.   For example, today we spent 45 minutes at the Splash Pad.  In those 45 minutes, we took 5 whopping trips to the bathroom, I kid you not!  And EVERY time somebody either peed or pooped, even though they swore up and down they didn’t have to go 5 minutes earlier.  Since all my kids have been potty trained, I feel like I spend half my day in the bathroom.  Besides that, I have never felt so unsanitary!  I just can’t seem to get them to wash their hands every time they go is so much work.  Sometimes I find a child running around naked only to find out they had just pooped and never told me.  And the darn little potty, it’s disgusting!  I despise it but the kids prefer it.  It’s a little crazy.  Please…tell me it gets better…and soon!



Enough shit, let’s change the subject : )  We had a fantastic visit with the grandparents recently.  Grammy and Grandpa just left after a whirlwind of a week.  We did the zoo, gardens, festivals, parks, bike rides, fishing and anything else we could squeeze in.  Grandpa was even brave enough to attempt taking Max’s mountain bike up the killer mountain trail behind our house.  It’s hard to visit us here without getting a crash week of exercise and recreation.  The weather was perfect, the kids had a blast and I was thrilled to have a little breather from the constant excitement of raising triplets. We cannot wait for them to return!  I also just joined the local “moms on mountain bikes” rides.  We got out once a week and explore the trails around Park City. The best part, we drop our kids off at arranged and affordable childcare first!  Finally, I have found a mom’s group that I really enjoy.


Josie fishing, she really enjoys the outdoors!


Grandpa at the top of the mountain trail behind our house


Grammy and Grandpa with the gang

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  1. Grammy says:

    We had a great time with little time to relax with 3 three year olds and all the fun trips to see everything.Karla never stops. The visit with the kids was wonderful. When we told them goodbye the night before we left they said “but we love you.” So sweet to hear. We look forward to going to see everyone again. Hopefully not too long.

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