On Taking Your Kids to Vegas….

Vegas isn’t the best family vacation spot but when it is within driving distance and you have a nice place to stay, you might as well give it a shot.  Max happened to be traveling to Vegas for work and we were in that awful week between the end of summer camps and the start of school, so we decided to take a road trip.   I bravely chose to drive my triplet 3-year-olds 7 hours BY MYSELF through the deserted but beautiful state of Utah.   What could have been an awful experience; my car breaking down with only a small restaurant in the shape of a sombrero hat to run to, not having redbox save the day after the movie we rented from the library was scratched and I realized I forgot to bring the rest of the DVD’s,  having to stop on the side of the interstate (that has an 80 mph speed limit) so my recently potty trained children could “go”, turned out to be very smooth sailing.  We made the trip with only one small snafu, an unanticipated stop at a truckstop because all three of my children desperately needed to use the potty only to have all three of them suddenly decide they no longer needed to go after a 10 min wait.  Including 2 McDonald playspace stops, we made the trip in about 8 hours.  I have to brag here, my kids were awesome road trippers!


There are a few things to keep in mind when taking your young tots to Vegas:

- The pool is crucial.  We stay at the MGM Signature which has some great kiddie pools and isn’t too crowded.  The majority of our time was spent at the pool.

- Do not attempt to take the kids on the strip.  Instead, if you have access to a car, take advantage of the free Valet parking in Vegas.  We were able to easily drive from one resort to another and all the attractions were in an easy walk from the hotel entrances.

- Avoid walking through the casino if possible.  Your kids will be utterly perplexed on why they cannot play the slots.  ”What do you mean these video games are just for adults”

- Be ready to explain why the police officer was interrogating the person laying in the middle of the hotel lobby.

- Kids stand-out in Vegas.  I might as well have been charging admission for people to stare at the triplets.

- Likewise, people in Vegas are pretty friendly.  After a few drinks, they will say anything.  ”Mary, stop staring at those tigers…you have to get over here and see these kids!”  ”Holy crap, are those triplets?  See what could happen Lisa, we ARE NOT trying for another kid!”

- There are only so many wild cats your kids care to see.

- Avoid your neighbors at all cost.  My kids were running around the hotel room screaming at 7:30 AM.  On my last trip to Vegas, that was practically the middle of the night.  There was no way a confrontation with the people next door to us could have been pretty.

- The M&M museum was the biggest hit of the whole trip.  You can watch M&M’s put on a dance show and watch a free 3-D movie.  Of course you can’t get out of the place without buying a $10 souvenir but it’s worth it.


Would I take my kids to Vegas again?  Maybe but only because it was cheap entertainment and I didn’t have to cook or clean for a few days.   Plus, the drive near Zion National Park was gorgeous.


Certainly with older kids, there are plenty of shows, rides and game spaces that would be perfect for teenagers.  They also may sleep in, which would have avoided the strange combination of toddlers and a group of high-heeled, mini-skirted girls with veils meeting up in the elevator at 8  AM.


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  1. Nico says:

    OMG, Carla, they are so flipping cute!!! (three was rough with my first too, we’ll see about T as he will be three in a couple of weeks!)

  2. Gail says:

    Karla this is hilarious. Thanks for giving me a good laugh for the day!

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