“What did they say?” and “multiples bond”

Some funny things have come out of my 3-year-old’s mouths recently

- “Let’s super-glue the computer back together” – Marcus

- “My doggie’s name is princess dragon bunny bop-bop” – Mia

- “Excuse me, that was a burp that came out of my bottom.”  - Josie

I’m going to start writing these things down because honestly, I have heard some really wild things lately.  Also, out of the blue Josie has decided to start calling me “mom” rather than “mommy”.  I thought that was a teenage thing?  Luckily I’m still “mommy” to the other two.  ”Mom” feels a  little old to me….


On another note entirely, we are having a blast with all of our new friends!   I’ve always stayed away from “mom’s” playgroups in the past.  They simply didn’t work out for me.  My young kids were way too demanding for me to enjoy more than two seconds of conversation.  And, I was insanely jealous of the moms who could not only hold a conversation but could also enjoy a freakin’ cup of coffee.  So, I made fun of them in the past.

I have no shame.  Now that I can drink my latte while talking about what winter sport I’m thinking of taking up, I’m all about playdates!   In fact, I make plans with other moms almost every day.   I know one of the kid’s favorite playdates involve their new friends Luna and Zuma, twin 3-year olds that live down the road from us.  I notice a difference in the way my kids play with either young children who have  several siblings very close in age or other multiples.   They just “get each other”.  Truthfully, my kids can be intimidating to other 3-year olds.   They are very “cliquish” and play elaborate make-believe games with each other for hours that seem to continue on from earlier in the day.  They rarely play independently; and they travel around the house and playgrounds in a herd.  However, some children have no problems jumping right in with them and being excepted as part of the story right away.  That is the case with Luna and Zuma. These 5 seemed to mesh upon meeting.  The most amazing thing is the girls are identical, I am just starting to be able to tell them apart, but the kids already will call them by the correct name.  I think it’s amazing!


2 Responses to ““What did they say?” and “multiples bond””

  1. Beth says:

    Ally calls me and Ben “Mon” and “Dad” too sometimes. I’m with you, thinking it was an older kid thing.

  2. Connie says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how similar our kids are! Friends of ours call them a walking amoeba. Sometimes, I feel like I could probably leave the house w/o them even noticing bc they are so into their play.


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