More resting for us – Week 22

Hayden has been my daytime companion for the past few weeks as I begin to rest more and more. I think he enjoys having me around; although he hasn’t picked up on games like cards and trivia pursuit. He has gotten used to the sounds of babies since I spend several hours watching Baby Story, Special Delivery, etc on my new favorite two channels, Discovery and TLC.

On another note, my 22 week appointment went well. The babies are all estimated to be about 1 pound (double their size from 18 weeks) and my cervix is doing ok. I have shortened ever so slightly from 4.0-3.7 cm but that is normal and nothing to worry about. Nonetheless, I have been having frequent BH contractions and have been ordered to restrict my activity even more as a precaution. I’m still going to work for another 3 weeks but while at work, I need to move around as little as possible. Also, I’m not suppose to do any more shopping (grocery or otherwise), and avoid housework…darn 🙂 This is unfortunate b/c I still feel great and get very anxious just laying around the house. As soon as my sister’s pool opens in May, I plan to spend my days there to help keep me sane and weightless!

In two weeks, we will hit a major milestone in the HOM (high order multiples) world…24 Weeks! At this stage, half of all babies can survive outside the womb with lots of NICU care. Of course, my goal is 34 weeks but anything over 30 is likely to result in healthy babies down the road.

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  1. S~K~G~J says:

    I stumbled upon your blog somewhere through the avenues of the blogging world, and I have enjoyed reading your updates and pray for you as I do so. I’m sure you’re venturing out on one of the biggest journeys of your life….becoming a mom – and to three all at once. Amazing what God is blessing you with.

    I am a mom to two little boys that came one at a time…but a close girlfriend had twin girls over a year ago. Thus, I can imagine a wee little bit of what your days look like.

    I hear you on missing the house work. I think that would really bug me not to be able to get up and vacuum or dust as the urge hits. I can’t even stand to be sick and lie around for a few days…the first thing I do when better is hop up and scrub. Ah – your hubby will help you out, I’m sure.

    Keep resting…and enjoying your baby shows. I watched both of those shows religiously when I was pregnant with my first, and I usually always cried when the babies were born. It’s such an amazing moment…but watching is not even close to how you will feel when it’s your little trio taking their first breaths. =)
    Blessings to you!

  2. Brooke says:

    It has been so wonderful reading your blog. You are going to be such great parents. I’ve been talking @ your progress with your mother-in-law, Carol, for months now. She is so excited for you both! I have four kids, three of whom are triplets. Mac, Ellie & Gracie just turned 7 years old. Until they went to kindergarten, the girls totally dominated Mac, because he was always out-numbered by them. I had them at 32 weeks. They ranged from 4 lbs, 4 oz. to 3 lbs, 7 oz. They are very healthy kids & such a joy to have around. Keep up a journal and just make 3 copies for their “Memory Boxes”. Eventually, you can start making an individual book for each, but it’s easier in the beginning to store their stuff (i.s. baby hospital bracelets, etc.) in boxes and milestones (Dr. check-up books). Keep in mind you’ll be out-numbered from here on out – so try and stay in charge. Once they are all running it does get a lot easier. Invest in 2 strollers, a jogging stroller to go @ the neighborhood and then another narrow one to put in the back of your mini-van. In the beginning wherever you go, people will come up to you and ask you a million questions (some personal). Just go with the flow, expect it, and remember how blessed you are. I felt like the kids and I were a freak show at times, but once you don’t use the stroller anymore to go to the store, church, etc. (@ 2 or 3) they will look like different age children & people will just assume you’re Catholic.
    Also, make sure you have a video going every month. You’ll look back, hear all the crying and wonder how you got through it all. Plan out Christmas and B’days – b/c you’ll need three of everything – 3 cribs – 3 cozy-coupes, 3 bikes, etc. Make a list for the grandparents. Take care and just know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Rest now b/c you’ll be up constantly for the next year. Brooke Teefey

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