Our first hosptial visit

We always knew several trips to the hospital prior to the arrival of our babies was immanent. Monday was our first scare, right at our first 24 week milestone. The doctor has been watching my cervix closely since it has started to shorten. At Monday’s appointment it had shortened even more so I was sent immediately to labor and delivery. I received a steroid shot to help develop the babies lungs in case they came early and was monitored for contractions. I had very few contractions so after a few hours, I was sent home on strict bedrest.

We went back to the doctor Wednesday to recheck my cervix, receive the second steroid shot and do a fFN test. The fFN test detects a protein released by the placenta up to two weeks prior to delivery. In singleton pregnancies, a negative result it has been shown to be 99% accurate in predicting you will not delivery in the next two weeks. The accuracy for multiple gestation is not as clear. Luckily my cervix stayed about the same and my fFN test was negative. We are definitely not in the clear but hopefully bedrest will postpone delivery by taking pressure off the cervix. At this point, each week is a huge milestone.

My next appointment is Thursday. We will do growth scans so hopefully this bedrest will also help these peanuts grow! Although it has only been a few days, bedrest isn’t too bad. I read, nap, and watch Gray’s Anatomy. Plus, knowing this short time is for the lifelong health of my family really puts things in perspective.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers! We are determined to meet our next milestone, 28 weeks.

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  1. Meluch+3 says:

    Lots of triplet moms (myself included) have been in your shoes. Just know that you can make it many, many more weeks.

    Good luck for a long and healthy pregnancy!

    Mel (meluch.blogspot.com)

  2. tushina says:

    Karla, mike and I have been thinking about you. Hang in there!


  3. Grammyx5 says:

    As the Grammy and your Mom I’m Right there with you all the way.

    Love ya

  4. Proud Gramdma says:

    As the Grammy and your Mom I’m Right there with you all the way.

    Love ya

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