The nursey – phase 1

We have a lot of work to do in the nursery. Let me rephrase, my mom and husband have a lot of work to do in the nursery. I have had two baby showers. One was in my hometown in Roanoke, VA and had to be a video conference since I could not make the trip. I would have loved to have been there but it was still great to see everyone and watch from afar. Thanks Kathy and Lauren! The second, my sister organized and was here in Raleigh. Although I had to lay on the couch the whole time it was still lots of fun. Tracey, you did an amazing job! We received a lot of great gifts that I’ve organized beautifully 🙂

The next several weeks my mom, who is taking such wonderful care of me and these babies is going to help me get our two extra rooms upstairs baby ready. One will serve as “baby central” and be the feeding/playroom. The other will house the cribs (since that is that will fit) and be the sleeping room. Hopefully the next picture will look much better than this!

Monday I checked in with the doctor to make sure my cervix was still closed. At this point, it is pointless to continue to measure the length of my cervix since it has almost completely disappeared. Luckily I am not dilated and I had another negative Ffn test. This means assuming all goes well, I am home till my next appt. on Friday! It is stressful not knowing when these babies will arrive but we have to stay posotive and accept the fact that we are doing all we can do at this point. 26 weeks is better than 24! We will keep on cooking!

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  1. Nic says:

    My nursery looked like that up until about two days before Ant was born. Sounds like you have lots of help to get it ready a bit sooner than that though. I’m glad to hear you’re still cooking those kids, and I hope you continue to do so. I think you might have to start daily updates “no babies yet”, so we know what’s going on!!


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