My McDreamy

Who knew Max would be so good at giving shots? I am getting weekly progesterone injections in hopes of delaying preterm labor. This is Max and I’s new Friday night highlight. My sister Tracey taught Max the proper technique and he has become a pro. As talented as he is, I have a feeling he still won’t stray from my head during the c-section:)

As we approach week 27 my cervix remains closed and I am measuring a whopping 42 weeks preggo! I promise to post another belly shot this weekend for those of you who like to gawk (Don’t feel bad, if you were me, I’d love to gawk at all of you too).

I plan to distract myself during the week leading up to the BIG 28 by starting season 3 of Grey’s, starting season 1 of 24, continuing on my spiritual journey with “A New Earth”, and getting wrapped up in the lives of vampires with the “Twilight” series. Who said bedrest was boring?

It’s also been great spending time with all my visitor’s! Kathryn and Ben, your chili rocked; Manpreet, LOVE the vampire series..perfect for bedrest; Mike and Erica, it was great to see you and get updates on everyone from school; Cara and J, can’t wait to see you; and of course a huge thanks to my mom for all her help and support.

Grow babies Grow!

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