28.5 Weeks – Do I Get to Vent Now?

I want to start by saying how extremely grateful I am to still be cooking these babes! I intend to continue taking every precaution in order to keep my trio in as long as possible. After 4.5 weeks of bed rest, an overall posotive attitude (ok, my dear husband knows I’ve had my rough days) and 3 hospital visits, it is time to share some of the inconveniences of this pregnancy…..in a completely positive way of course :)

1. In the picture above the TV remote is on the floor. Here is the plan on how am I going to watch TV. I will read a book until I have to pee. When I come back in the room I will SLOWLY put one hand on the bed for support, squat down and pick the remote up with my other hand. It will take me about 5 minutes to recover once I get back into bed.

2. Today I am wearing outfit #5. Tomorrow I will start back with outfit #1. By the way, different tops constitute a new outfit…bottoms can be worn repeatedly.

3. I get excited to go to the doctor’s office and to the hospital. Sometimes I count how many new people I see. Sometimes these new people even talk to me. They often comment on how HUGE my baby is going to be.

4. Take your right hand and touch your left hip. I cannot do that.

5. I am jealous that my dog can run up the steps…several times a day!

6. I have to monitor my contractions constantly. It is easiest to type them into a hand held device….I knew I needed this Blackberry! I often have 5-6+ an hour (yes, this sounds scary but with three babies growing, kicking and battling it out in one pouch, the pouch is bound to rebel and it often does with high order multiples).

7. If I stay up past 9:3o pm it is because I am at the hospital. That means I will need TWO naps the next day!

8. Every time I get up to go to the bathroom, I get to glance in the nursery. Every day my mom makes a little progress in that room. This slight change in scenery is SO exciting for me!

9. I have no appetite and hardly have any room for food. How depressing is it that Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream is not even appealing to me anymore?

10. I can only type on my laptop for so long before my contractions pick up…yep, that is all for today.

4 Responses to “28.5 Weeks – Do I Get to Vent Now?”

  1. mary says:

    Hang in there Karla! How exciting this all is! Rosa shared your blog with me and Mom and we check on your progress regularly. Sounds like you’ve got quite a system down! And plenty of help from sweet husband Max!
    xoxoxox, mary and jud

  2. Nic says:

    Congrats on making it to 28.5 weeks, that is amazing! It sounds like you’ll be able to manage at least a few more :-) Are you planning on posting any more belly pics? I’d love to see!

  3. Meluch+3 says:

    I’ve been keeping up with your blog and hoping everything goes smoothly for you. 28 weeks is a HUGE milestone!!! Congrats! Hope you make it to the mid-30s! (I was hospitalized at 29 weeks and managed to pull 35 in the end.) Good luck!


  4. Marisa says:

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