Goodbye torture chamber

Here is what some other triplet moms said about the joyous non-stress tests given daily on their triplets:

“It was torture”
“I hated being monitored. I mean HATED it!”
“I had my doctor give me something to put me to sleep during these sessions”
“This was the worst thing about my pregnancy”

Imagine someone massaging and poking your extremely overextended uterus for 1.5 hours for 5 minutes of data. All the while, your babies are kicking from the opposite sides and their body parts are being jammed into your internal organs. FUN! I can stand the discomfort but my uterus can’t. I usually start having intense contractions that are around 2 min. apart during this ordeal.

Put a 30 week pregnant triplet mom through this the day after she received a high dose of progesterone and deal with the emotional consequences. Sorry residents, get used to lugging the ultrasound machine up to your triplet patient…sometimes exceptions have to be made :)

2 Responses to “Goodbye torture chamber”

  1. Ben says:

    “Emotional consequences”? Max says you’re like sunshine and loli-pops all day everyday.

    You’re blog is sweet, I hadn’t seen it yet.

    Kat and I are thinking of you. Hope to see you soon.


  2. Meluch+3 says:

    On the bright side, you made it to 30 weeks!!!! That’s great.


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