Just for Fun – The Foods I Have Rediscovered

There are some perks to being pregnant with triplets. I get to eat A LOT! I’ll be honest; my super healthy eating habits before the pregnancy were a little too strict and boring. I maintained my size 0 frame but I was not providing my body enough fuel to fully function. Now, I am at the other end of the spectrum. I eat almost every hour. I still eat my yogurt, fruit, vegetables and healthy grains but this only provides about 1/3 of the calories I need. This leaves room for indulging in some of my rediscovered favorite foods of my past. Don’t let my clients see this post!

Calzones: Cheesy and saucy. Bring it on!

Juice: No “light” or splenda sweeteners here, I do try to go 100% juice though. V-8 fusion has been a vegetable lifesaver for me!

Chips and French Onion Dip – The Utz chips are definitely the best.

Ritz cheese sandwiches – I love these little bite size delights.

Combos! – Are you noticing a cheese theme?

Pepperoni – A girl needs some meat!

Pringles – Need I say more?

I am just starting to get my appetite back so sometimes these are the only foods that sound edible to me (although I manage to force even the healthy stuff down). I can only imagine what I will rediscover when the cravings start!

What I miss:
Coffee – I spent 10 min. in the coffe aisle at the grocery store the other day just smelling!
Sushi – Crunchy tuna roll….only 5-6 more months!

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  1. Grammyx5 says:

    Hi Karla and Max,
    I love all those foods also. Being a gammy to 5 is going to be so much fun. Think how Christmas is going to be. yippee

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