You Did What?

I like to live life on the edge. This weekend we took a “Pietron siblings” trip to the beach with my sister and her husband, her two boys (18 months and 3 years) and my brother. Yes, that is 5 kids age 3 and under but a 1:1 child/adult ratio which is way better than my daily ratio of 1:3. We had a great time and the weather was fantastic. The men took a night out on a casino cruise and my sister and I took a 6-hour outlet shopping trip (HEAVEN!) the next day. That did mean leaving the “men” with all 5 kids for an afternoon/evening. Besides a few questionable moments (receiving a picture on my phone of Uncle Nick having a drink at a bar with Mia strapped to his chest and being greeted by a 3 year old eating donuts an hour past his bedtime) everyone prospered. Here are a few pics of the adventurous (notice I did not say relaxing) weekend:

My sister and I taking the kids for a walk on the beach:

Enjoying the beach while keeping the kids contained:

Uncle Nick and Josie because they continue to look so much alike:
The girls and their adorable swimsuits I couldn’t resist buying:

Our first time swimming with the kids (they all LOVED it):

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  1. Jessica Kreitzer says:

    One advantage to triplets – it is always worth getting the right equipment. Taking a crawler to the beach has always been a challenge for us, but with one at a time, it was never worth really figuring out a good solution. You, on the other hand, really had no choice, so that “pen” works great and is totally worth it. You probably enjoyed your few minutes at the beach more than we did with our crawlers. Do you remember Zack in Bermuda – his face was covered in sand and he was eating it. Yuck – all we did was follow him around.

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