About Us

Max and Karla


Sept 1, 2001

Raising triplets is no easy task.  The day our first ultrasound revealed three babies, our life changed forever.  Every day is a new adventure; sometimes fun, sometimes challenging, sometimes crazy, always exhausting.  These kids fit our life to a tee; honestly, could we have wanted anything but triplets?  Join us as we chronicle our journey from conception to chaos to…you will have to find out.

Meet our family:

Karla – I am currently staying at home with my babies.   Although my main hobby right now is my children; I also love to read, write and shop in my "free" time.  My profession is exercise physiology and my passion is to encourage people to stay fit and healthy; I strongly believe a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand.  Although many of my posts on this site will focus on my family, please visit my professional site for health tips and success stories: staymoving.blogspot.com.

Max had been anxious to have kids for years.  Although he wanted three, I don’t think he ever imagined three at once. Max is a great dad and fatherhood is even better than he imagined.

img_2044Amelia June (Baby A) – 2 lbs. 12.5 oz. Independent and sharp, this little peanut has no limits.  As an infant, she has been a pure joy and extremely easy to please.  As she approaches toddlerhood, she maintains her cheery personality and is becomming a first class comedian.  Amelia is extremely busy and extremely brave.  We are not suprised she has stayed so petite, who has time to eat when there is a whole world to conquer!




img_2127Marcus Max (Baby B) – 4 lbs.  11 oz. Marcus’s priorities, in specific order, are eat, play, sleep.  Marcus is all about having a good time and is probably the most laid back of the three.  He is a  typical boy and has enjoyed ruff and tumble games from the get-go.  Forget about grace and perfection, the goal is what matters to Marcus, not how you achieved it.




img_1809Jocelyn Mary (Baby C) – 3lbs. 15 oz. Jocelyn was a difficult infant to please and although she has turned into a sweetheart as she approaches toddler-hood, she still has a very serious side.  Jocelyn immediately notice when someone  enters or leaves a room.   I have no doubt, she will be the one to remind her siblings to wear their helmet when they ride their bikes or wash their hands before eating.  As long as everyone is safe and the world is at peace, Jocelyn has the patients to  sit and play for hours.